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Karmic Power Records (owned by Lenny Fontana) has worked with the biggest Artists (DJ´s, Vocalists & Producer) names in house and dance music. You can stream & buy our music the famous digital online stores.

Artists A-Z (Producer / Vocalists / Remixer)


Alison Limerick (Vocalist)
ATFC (Remixer)
Armand Tillett (Artist)
Angel Negron (Remixer)
Alex Aleman (Artist)
Andrea Roberto (Artist)
Andrew Greatorex (Artist)
Antother Excuse (Artist/Remixer)
Adrian Zack (Artist)
Alyosha Barreiro (Artist)
Absolute Groovers (Artist)
Alessandro Otiz (Artist)
Alex Lo Faro (Artist)
Amba Tremain (Vocalist)
Alex Inc (Artist)
Alison Limerick (Vocalist)

B3Rao (Artist/Remixer)
Bart Gori (Artist)
Bruchi (Artist)
Blair Fraser (Artist)
Boyz´N´Da Noize (Artist)
Bruno Kauffmann (Artist)
Bibi Provence (Vocalist)
B.Vivant (Artist)
Bruno Soares (Vocalist)
Butch Quick (Vocalist)
Beat Amusement (Artist)
Benji Of Sweden (Artist)
Boyz Can Play (Remixer)
Ben Afshar (Artist)
Beto Rodriguez (Remixer)
Block & Crown (Remixer)

Chris Willis (Vocalist)
Carmelo Carone (Artist/Remixer)
Carlos Florez (Remixer)
Corvino Traxx (Remixer)
Carole Sylvan (Vocalist)
Craig & Grant Gordon (Artist)
Chris Count (Remixer)
Ciskoman (Artist)
Carl Tregger (Artist)
Chris Da Mentalist (Remixer)
Charnette (Artist)
Chakib FLATA (Artist)
Crossing Fingers (Artist)

D-Train (Vocalist)
DJ Spen (Remixer)
David Morales (Remixer)
Dany Cohiba (Artist)
Dj Alexia (Artist)
Dee Wiz (Artist)
Daniele Sexxx (Artist/Remixer)
Doler (Artist)
DJ Leandro (Artist)
DJ PP (Remixer)
Doctor Boom (Remixer)
Dhashana (Vocalist)
DJ Phew (Artist)
Diamond Skin Snakes (Artist)
Deebiza (Artist)
DJ Boyko (Artist)
DJ Wope (Artist)
Duplex (Artist/Remixer)
Divimass (Artist/Remixer)
Demo Coppola (Artist)
David Gottschalk (Artist)
D´Luxe (Artist)
DJ Luca Vanelli (Artist)
DJ Dextro (Artist)
DaddyFelix (Artist)
Dunter (Artist)
Dimo (Artist)
Desi (Vocalist)
Darren Sains (Artist)
Dashi (Artist)
Don Ray Mad (Artist)
Danny Satori (Artist)
Daniele Baldi (Artist)
Dj Shorty (Artist)
Deltiimo (Artist)
Dwayne W. Tyree (Artist)
Dj Paulo Leite (Artist)
DJ Grouse (Artist)
Dj "S" (Remixer)
Danny Satori (Artist)
DJ Pax (Artist)

Eddie Amador (Artist)
Element Z (Remixer)
Elusiv3 (Artist)
Eric Faria (Remixer)

Fil Straughan (Vocalist)
Funkerman (Remixer)
Flauschig (Artist/Remixer)
FunkyOne (Artist)
Francois (Remixer)
Funk 78 (Artist)
Fluxkid (Artist)
Filipe Neves (Artist)
Fracture (Artist/Remixer)
Facettes (Artist)
Francessco Cofano (Remixer)
FGTN Toys (Artist)
FAM Disco (Artist)


Gary Caos (Remixer)
Greg I-V (Artist)
Gino Love (Artist)
Geo Kap (Artist)
Groove Riddim (Artist)
Giulio Mignogna (Artist)

House Of Virus (Artist/Remixer)
Hilel & Yander (Remixer)
HappyHarry (Artist/Remixer)
Holy Deep (Artist)
Hugh Drumm (Artist)
House Dat Shit (Artist)
Hires (Artist)

Ian Campbell (Artist)
IdjIgor (Artist)
JJ Mullor (Artist)

John Morales (Remixer)
John Steel (Artist)
Jason B (Artist)
Josh Jayden (Artist)
Javid (Remixer)
Jon Cage (Remixer)
Jerk In The Box (Artist)
John Silver (Artist)
Josh Love (Artist)
James Batch (Artist/Remixer)
Jon Hatter (Artist)
Jack Shakes (Artist)
Jon Dasilva (Remixer)
Jonas Nilsson (Remixer)
JJ Faro (Artist)

Klubjumpers (Remixer)
Keva The Diva (Vocalist)
Ken Figueroa (Remixer)
Karla Brown (Vocalist)
Kalix (Artist)
K & K (Artist)
Karmen Novko (Vocalist)
Kikka Vara (Artist)

Lenny Fontana (Artist/Remixer)
Loris Conte (Artist/Remixer)
Lissat & Voltaxx (Remixer)
Livio Mode (Artist)
Ludo (Artist)
Leon Wolf (Remixer)
Lisa B. (Vocalist)
Luar (Artist)
LYP (Artist)
Luis Martinez (Artist)
Liah Walker (Vocalist)
Lorenzo Tracks (Artist)
Luke Anderz (Vocalist)
Lyam Mathew (Artist)
Lexvaz (Artist)
LcDoro (Artist)
Lorenzo Perrotta (Artist/Remixer)

Marshall Jefferson (Artist/Remixer)
Marc Tasio (Artist/Remixer)
Marcus Knight (Artist/Remixer)
Maeta (Artist)
Medchenko (Artist)
Mel´Hisse (Vocalist)
Morgan Dhyle (Artist)
Maffa Vs. Mood Crew (Remixer)
Marc Baigent (Remixer)
Miguel Yobles (Artist)
M. Rodriguez (Artist)
3Mor (Artist)
Mike Mac (Artist)
Mark Dickson (Artist)
Mr. Mix (Artist)
Mefy (Vocalist)
Max Di Matteo (Artist)
Maffa (Artist)
MJ White (Vocalist)
Murdock (Artist)
Max Komodo (Artist)
Michael Sean Harris (Vocalist)
Mikks Tape (Artist)
Mass Digital (Artist)
My Digital Enemy (Remixer)
Marcello Cavallero (Artist)
Mara J Boston (Vocalist)
Mr. Tribe (Remixer)
McGowan (Artist)


Nunzio Roma (Artist/Remixer)
Natalie Poulli (Vocalist)
Nekko From Brazil (Remixer)
Niko De Vries (Remixer)
New Jersey Hustlers (Artist)
Noellia (Vocalist)
Nick Coles (Artist)

Oliver Gunning (Artist)
Oliver Deuerling (Remixer)
Old Yorky (Vocalist)

Paco Moreni (Artist)
Phats & Small (Remixer)
Peznt (Remixer)
Pour Le Plasir (Remixer)
PachangaStorm (Remixer)
Paul Hutchinson (Artist)
Paula P`Cay (Vocalist)
Paul Lock (Artist)
Padov (Artist)
Phillip Ramirez (Vocalist)
Paolo Maffia (Artist)
Piekart (Artist)

Queermose (Artist)

Reza Golroo (Artist/Remixer)
Rick Marshall (Vocalist)
Richard Grey (Remixer)
Ridney (Remixer)
Parma Tunes (Artist)
Rochembach (Artist)
Richard Campbell (Artist)
Rich More (Artist)
Ray Sam (Artist)
Rhythm Staircase (Artist)
Reza (Remixer)
Richelle Hicks (Vocalist)

Saus & Braus (Artist)
Stolen Soul (Artist)
Soulfuledge (Remixer)
Soul Sarah (Vocalist)
Soliaris (Vocalist)
Saltair (Artist)
Sam DeWit (Artist)
S.Q (Artist)
Sekondo (Artist)
Soheil (Artist/Remixer)
Stefek (Artist)
Stefano Cioffi (Artist)
Sudad G. (Artist)
Shortwave (Artist)
Slap Jack (Artist)
Soufian (Artist)
Savvas (Remixer)
Samir Maslo (Remixer)
Simone L (Artist)
Shirley Lites (Vocalist)
Sebastian Creeps (Artist/Remixer)

The Starletts (Vocalist)
Terrence Parker (Remixer)
Todd Terry (Remixer)
Twism (Artist/Remixer)
Tommy Rando (Vocalist)
Tommy Davis (Remixer)
Talia Shewchuck (Vocalist)
The Soul Architect (Artist)
Toni The MmG (Artist/Remixer)
Tiger Project (Artist)
The Soulbrozerz (Artist)
Tommie Cotton (Vocalist)
Toldrek (Artist)
Tony Kosa (Artist)
Terry Waites (Artist)
Tolstoi (Artist)
Tiger & Phoenix (Remixer)
The Inaudibles (Remixer)

Ursula (Vocalist)
Undiscovered Girl (Vocalist)

Vinny Gruvhunter (Remixer)

Wendy Jane Satchell (Vocalist)
Wayne Dudley (Artist)

No Artist

YKON (Artist)
Yagiz Bayrak (Artist)
Yazmin Lacey (Artist)

Zebra/Man (Vocalist)
Zonum (Remixer)

Lenny Fontana

artist picture lenny fontana black/white

Fontana first began deejaying professionally in the mid-1980s, playing at clubs such as Studio 54 and Better Days. He was part of the production team for Powerhouse featuring Duane Harden, who scored a #1 dance hit in the US with "What You Need"; the song ahit #13 on the UK Singles Chart. source: Wikipedia

Track on Karmic Power Records (selection):
Lenny Fontana & D-Train - Raise Your Hands Listen: click here
Lenny Fontana & D-Train - When You Feel What Love Has Listen: click here

Marshall Jefferson

artist picture Marshall Jefferson

Marshall Jefferson born in Chicago (Illinois) is an American musician, working in house music,in particular, the subgenres of Chicago house and deep house. Sometimes known as the father of house music, Jefferson was originally a record producer in the Universal Recording Studios in Chicago. During the late-1980s heyday of house music he recorded solo and collaborative material under various names. efferson's deep house productions include songs by CeCe Rogers and Sterling Void, and Ten City's first two albums. source: Wikipedia

Track on Karmic Power Records:
House Of Virus & Marshall Jefferson Feat. Soliaris - Believe In Love
Listen: click here

Eddie Amador

profile picture eddie amador black/white

Eddie Amador is best known as an international house music producer, remixer and DJ. He penned the Infamous song HOUSE MUSIC in 1999 and is an established icon in house music.

He has remixed for Madonna (entertainer), Leela James, Michael Bublé and Seal for Warner Bros. Records and Reprise Records. He became part of the exclusive group to remix Madonna and his mix of "Give It to Me" from Hard Candy reached #1 on Billboards Hot Dance Club Play Chart. source: Wikipedia

Track on Karmic Power Records:
Edide Amador & Dany Cohiba - Stuck In New York
Listen: click here

Karmic Power Records Artists / Remixer

with more than three releases on the label

Andrew Greatorex

artist picture Andrew Greatorex

Andrew Greatorex has been producing house music since 2003. He began using Propellerheads Reason 2.0 product back in the day and has progressed through the versions and learnt so much on the way. Having written over 50+ dance tracks in the house genre he attempts to create those harmonies and grooves of funky or deep house, mixed with the rugged "basslines" and "steely beats" of tech house. He currently has tracks and remixes signed to other labels around Europe and in the USA.

Another Excuse

artist picture another excuse

A young American producer Israel Lugo, also known as Another Excuse when releasing music, brings his Disco House music to the table of fresh new producers. Another Excuse starting producing Hip-hop for local rappers from Houston, Texas, at the age of 15.
During his time of producing Hip-hop, he's used some of his skill to play around in the House genre from time to time. It was not until 2 years later, at age 17, he fully focoused on producing House Music. Although still very young, Another Excuse is very passionate about his current work and whats to come.

Bart Gori

dj Bart Gori

Bart Gori Producer & Dj began working in the early 80s in various local, His reference points were the Dj historical Italian and foreign, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Mozart (Aka Rispoli) Rubens, Miki, starting with the genres Afro, Funky, Dance of the 80's and then in the year's 90 Underground music.

Carl Tregger

artist picture carl tregger

Carl Tregger aka Richard Kordics, self-taught musician and composer Mao.
Passionate about music since childhoo, it is in electronic music which falls rapidly House, Deep House, Tech house are his styles favorites. This is on the Scene electronic recently, he began to discover his first demo on Soundcloud.
Spotted by a few independent labels, today he signed his first house on the output Karmic Label Power Records.
His inspirations are numerous, funk, garage and pop rock.
His daily has become a source of inspiration.

Carmelo Carone

Artist picture Carmelo Carone

The fascinating Carmelo Carone is a precious italian dj producer. He was born and he lives in Milan, but originally from parents in southern Italy. Carmelo started his career as a DJ and producer since the early nineties. Up to that time he played in the best european/worldwide clubs and parties as Number Inn, Illiria, Ka Franca, Fluid, Black Out, Privilege, Goliath VS Evolution (CH), Extra Disco (ES), Las Qvevas (ES) Faboulus Party (UK), Divina Club, Tuareg, Nausicaa, Le Club (FR) and many others. As a natural instinct, he has grown with & into the varied kinds of music, in fact since he was child, he was literal meaning seized, mentally and physically to the music. Later on this, the main influence for the console comes from when Carmelo was charmed by the uncle that he was a DJ reference in the New Wave Electronic Scene of the 80 s Years, so Carmelo has been ravished in general by Electronic/Clubbing Music Culture. Regarding his activity as producer, after various collaborations especially by 90's with production staff joined into important labels as UMM, Subway, etc.. he has developed also many exclusive projects with official mixes, remixes and reworks also for evergreen world stars and electonic music talents like Francesco Farfa, Banco De Gaia, Orlando Voorn, David McWilliams, Davidson Ospina & Oscar P, Jamie Lee Wilson, Cristian Paduraru, Ray Isaac, Hologram Hookers, D'mia Michaels, Peter Martijn Wijnia and more. Actually he is joined into the artistic roster of prestigious House and Electronic Global Music labels. Basically Carmelo wants to bring his different ways of developing music and exclusively with the goal to convey the deepest emotions. Having acquired all this experience in the music scene, he is convinced to founding Avioground Records in 2007, intending to release music with a high emotional impact to all around the planet, with great reactions & supports from worldwide dj, labels, radio and magazines, including also into the artistic crew many important tastemakers of different targets.

Daniele Sexxx

artist picture Daniele Sexxx

Began studying contralto saxophone in 1988. He embraced hip hop in '90, writing his first lyrics in english, and later in italian. He formed the group Prova Zero and after many public exhibitions in discoclubs and festivals in his province, produced two demos that brought widespread attention to the group.
In '97, with two italian producers and thanks to new productions he gained a contract with the milanese label "Do it yourself " of Molella and Moroldo. In '98 Sexxx made the single "Funky and fun" to publicize Special K, the Kellogg's product. Through this initiative the single became the title theme of the music fest of the same name, and so permitted Prova Zero to play live in many italian square such as Napoli, Roma, Milano, Torino etc. where a promotional mini CD with six of the group’s new tracks was distributed.
In '99 fot the hundred year’s celebrations of A.C. Milan, a CD was produced with Sexxx performing a remake of the team’s hymn "Milan, Milan" with Toni Renis and Massimo Guantini. In the track he sings along with George Weah.
After the distribution of the CD, Sexxx and the group appeared as guests on various TV programs amongst which " Carramba che fortuna" on Raiuno, and "Gran gala' del centenario" on Italia Uno. They are then mentioned on various TV news programs and publications such as "Tv sorrisi e canzoni", "Il corriere della sera" and "La gazzetta dello sport".
At that time, Sexxx approached house music and began collaborations with Beker. In 2000 and 2001 Prova Zero win at the Thym concert and the first edition of Vicenza net music. They then participate in the semifinals of the I-Tim Tour, organized by Red Ronnie.
Sexxx has also collaborated with hip-hop artists like Blu-bop e Cheryl Porter. The most recent fruitful collaborations for Sexxx and Beker is that with Beppe Corazza, a high-quality Vicentino jazz artist.
In June 2003 he began another collaboration in Rome with Toni Renis, remixing an old hit of his. He worked on a project in collaboration with "Scledum jazz band", a big band from Schio, performing jazz and bossanova pieces. One such song placed ninth in the VICENZANETMUSIC 2004 competition.
In the meantime Sexxx continues his passion for entertainment working as a dj and audio and lights technician in various touristic resorts (Ibiza, Sicilia and Puglia on Gargano) and appearing in musicals and theater productions.
He has published some productions for Big Bear, an underground London label, and for Wally's groove (remix of Moodleex), for Triballoide records, a veneto tribal music label, for Pride records, independent label associated with the discotheque "Le Plaisir" and for Nano Records, label of dj Spiller. For the last one he published the project called ”Mawkish” which received many reviews around the world and with the song "baba" entered the compilation of the 2008 Digitalism for Kitsune rec. The Mawkish has played during the 2009 summer by DJ Pete Tong, radio BBC1 in London and into his essential compilation. He also created with mate Beker dj ,the new jazz project called “Kevin Place” which recently has published for the label of Padua “Officina sonora”.It made more than 35 licenses in all the Europe. From 2010 he’s working like a dj for many clubs and dj bars in Veneto and he’s actually producing for karmic Power record with Lenny Fontana. The new release is “Lift Me Up” feat .Paula P’ cay with Todd Terry remix .He’s still producing hip hop music; he released a track inside the new “undercats” mixtape from dj Ms. This summer he played on his road tour in New York performing in Bronx, Central park and Jersey City. He‘s collaborating also with Darren Sains, long island producer and ILL Soul, rapper from New York City.

DJ Alexia

DJ Alexia

DJ Alexia born in Italy and moved to Los Angeles in Her early age is a sexy, international talent who continues to significantly contribute to the electronic dance music scene a veteran producer, re-mixer, DJ and radio personality.
Currently running 3 radio shows in three different countries; D3EP Radio Network (London), Beats2Dance Radio/TV (Amsterdam), iLIVE Radio (Toronto) also many demands as special guest for other radio stations.
Dj Alexia music productions & remixes involved international artists such as Prince, Macy Gray, Juliette Lewis, Randy Muller, Mary J Blige just to name fews.
Alexia appearances includes djing around the continents USA, EU, Russia in all the major cities’ clubs. Proudly Dj Alexia achieved gigs for Prince after parties (Glam Slam Los Angeles and some tours,) Mariah Carey (Capri,) Macy Grey after-party Grammy Awards & Italian tour as dj supporter.
Dj Alexia created music for many fashion shows for designers such as D&G, Donna Karan, Fiona Swarovski, Max Azaria, J.P. Gaultier that would be also played live on the actual runaway (Milan, Rome, Los Angeles, Athens Florence). Fashion TV.
DJ Alexia is now part of the Lenny Fontana team at Karmic Power Records NYC, both as solo artists/producer and humbly collaborates on music production(s) with Lenny Fontana himself.



Stephan Spieker and Jason Durrant, both born in 1980, are the two heads behind the German moniker Flauschig and have started producing house music back in 2005. Being successful under other aliases, they’ve decided to move back to their musical roots. Both can look back on a long, passionate career as DJs in the club scene and delight with an emotional and fluffy mix of House / Deep / and Vocal- House.



Jakub, who is born in 1986 has started his music career in 2009. He is known professionally as DJ Qba. He quickly develop his own techniques in DJ mixing. QBA has won several tournaments and plays with some of the finest DJs in Poland. At the beginning of 2013 he decided to try his hand at music production.
Now as FunkyOne the artist he first chose the genre techhouse, but then felt more comfortable in House / Deep / and Vocal House. His motivation, is to bring strength and energy to the music. He is all the time expanding his knowledge and skills, hoping that what he's producing will bring joy to others.

Gino Love

artist pics gino love

Gino Love was born in Ukraine April 19,1971 to Classical Musician Parents. In 1979 his family moved to NY where the 8 year old fell in love with Disco, Soul and Garage Music. As a preteen, he frequented a local roller rink and spent most of the time watching the DJ. At the age of 15 Gino moved to long Island where he became a regular at all the teen clubs and made friends with all the DJ´s which he studied very carefully. After making tapes for friends and spinning at parties Gino got his first real job at a roller rink where he introduced Garage and Underground House Music to a mostly Pop crowd. By his late teens Gino had a collection of analog keyboards and a computer. By the age of 19 he was a known figure at some of the hotspots on Long Island and became known for his ability to introduce new music styles to the crowd. By the age of 21 Gino had resident spots at popular clubs on Long Island and New York City. As his hands-on experience grew, Gino Launched DJ Gino Productions.
After perfecting his home studio and engineering and production style Gino founded Kozmik Funkshun Records and started releasing Deep House and experimental Electro 12"s with his close friends.
His productions were noticed and played by the biggest names in the industry and started selling worldwide. By 1996 Gino was a staple in the club industry with a full schedule at his favorite clubs and on several FM radio stations. By the late 1990's Gino was producing and engineering for some big names and playing at the most legendary clubs in Manhattan. Gino continued a full work week as resident and guest DJ and even threw parties at the biggest clubs in NYC and his guest list drew record crowds.
Today Gino still DJs full time and KF Records is distributed globally via sites like iTunes, amazon, cdbaby, emusic, google, rhapsody and more. His productions are stronger and more frequent than ever.


artist picture happyharry

happyharry was born in Athens/Greece in the year of 1985 and started turning house vibes professionally in 2002.
Now he is one of the most upcoming names of house scene in his country and he is doing his first Serious steps in music production with his deput release on Karmic Power Records,NY

House Of Virus

Artist Picture House Of Virus

DJ/Producer partnership between Manchester based idea machine & home grown Lithuanian music addict has spawned a virus so delightfully infectious you’ll feel no regrets catching it! Watch out - it’s already spreading around the globe!

James Bratch

DJ & Producer James Bratch

James is a DJ/Producer from Jersey, Channel Islands. He stated learning to DJ in 2007 and in 2012 become one half of Jersey's House Music DJ duo ‘Fryer & Bratch’. They started out warming up for local DJs on the Island before launched their own club night in late 2012 called ‘Strictly House’ which has been successful since its launch. James started producing his own tunes in mid 2012 and has been lucky enough to have had a few of his own production signed in 2013. James has become more and more influenced by Tech House, which has shaped his production style as well as his DJ sets. James hopes his current success continues and is excited with how his career is developing.

Jason B

dj Jason B

Jason Brand aka Jason B was in born 1966 in London , Whitechapel , East End of London ,raised in Essex where my parents moved to 2 years after he was born.
He started to DJ back in 1988 where i fell in love with House music and have played all over the top London clubs and abroad to this present day also now he produce House music.

Loris Conte

artist Loris Conte

Loris fell in love with music during childhood. 
He became a DJ at the age of 17 (in 1993), playing for about 10 years in all the most popular clubs around his town. 
He prefers mainly Soul, Funk, Disco and other variations on these types of genres, including House Music.
He loves to play tracks on vinyl of which he has amassed an extensive collection over the years. Also, he likes drum machines and everything old-school related, even though he always keeps an eye on everything modern technology has to offer. 
"Johnny Black" is the pseudonym for his 70s/80s Disco-Inspired projects. “Bruce Wav” is the one for deep house and lounge music projects, and, last but not least, “Real Soul” for Soulful productions.

Marc Tasio

artist picture Marc Tasio

Marc Tasio was born in Marseille, in December of the year 1969. His start in music began when he was 12 years old, when his father purchased an organ for their home. Marc would play and repeat melodies that he heard and by using his ear self-taught himself how to play the keys. He later acquired a room with several synthesizers where a friend would join him in playing popular hits of the day like Lime "Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonight" or "Don't go" by Yazoo. When the first FM stations started broadcasting funk sounds, this is where his quest was focused on becoming a DJ. Marc's ever first dj mix was done on a tape recorder using the "play/pause" technique and "scratching" with a turn table, the result was painful.
Marc made it his first priority to master his craft. He then met up with someone that needed a DJ to play at their private parties. He then began to purchase more equipment, and as the word spread, he was asked to play at more and more events. In the beginning of the 1990's, the demand grew for Marc, and with House Music on the rise in France, Marc decided to set up his new business as an independent DJ with a friend. This was not an easy task at the time, Club DJ's were not respected, so Marc refused several proposals to collaborate with night clubs and kept independent.
Now in 2000 Marc decided to take a residency in a place of business where he installed his own sound and lighting and left his hometown Marseille to be closer to his new club. He did this for 10 years and put on lots of parties until 2011. He decided at this point to end this venture. He sold all his equipment and concentrated on his home studio. The new goal was to start on his own productions. Marc likes Funky House, Soulful, Disco House and old school Classic House. He always admired the styles of DJ's like Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Louie Vega, Lenny Fontana, Dimitri from Paris, Eric Morillo, Roger Sanchez and Axwell.
In 2013 the productions began to attract the ear of DJ´s and record labels. In August 2014 Marc's EP titled "Second Life" on Dean Saunders' label Soundz Dynamic, titled "Your Sound Is Funky" received major support from tastemakers DJ´s Stone Bridge and Paul Trouble Anderson. Currently “Come On” will be released on Lenny Fontana's imprint label "Karmic Power Records".... and a whole new story begins from here.

Max Komodo (Tigers Project)

artis picture Max Komodo (Tigers Project)

Tigers Project is the italian duo of djs/producers  composed by Max Komodo and LamonT.
Their initial production career three years ago and his style ranges from progressive, electro, house and deep house.
The ideas of a man are usually considered crazy as far as there is no success, but when these meets success they are considered genial.In the hope that our passion will lead us to a better future, so that we can live on what we like to do ...

Reza Golroo

artist picture Reza Golroo

Reza Golroo has been an Electronic Music enthusiast since his early teens. He was inspired by artists like Prodigy, Aphex Twin, and the legendary Electronic Band Kraftwerk from Germany. Since discovering this sound he has been a loyal follower of this genre of music. This journey has also brought greater appreciation to the different styles of Electronic Music such as Techno, Progressive and Deep House. Reza found a way of expressing his love for this music by starting to produce it. Around 2011 he became very serious and since he has musical theory skills and knows how to play the piano it was just the logical move to try to establish his sound in dance music. Things moved very quickly for Reza, with the Dj's liking his new sound he became very well known. He has been very fortunate to work with labels such as Lenny Fontana’s imprint Karmic Power Records NYC and Eye Records Italy so early in his career. His first release "Searching" made it straight into the charts of some Big Heads of the scene. So it was not surprising to see the name of Reza in charts with some big names like Paul Oakenfold or Sasha and Robbie Rivera.This accolade is for Reza no reason to rest, but rather even more motivation to keep going.

Saus & Braus

artist picture saus & braus (andy bach)

Saus & Braus is a project for pure house and current electronic dance sounds by Andy Bach. Andy is an DJ / Producer, A&R / Head of Young of Society Records and Society 3.0 Recordings


Artist Pics Stefek

As a pure vinyl 12" addict STEFEK discover the house during the 90's through DIMITRI FROM PARIS radio shows...  Always looking for records heard ON AIR...  He started digging and multiplying DJ sets experiences for years across Europe (France, Belgium and Poland ), in Castles, in Train (Idnight) and on Boat... 
As an independent Artist DJ  - STEFEK decided to produce his music essentially based on disco deep-house sounds... After building his own Audio Laboratory during 2012, he signed his 1st track on Kingstreet Sounds ''need someone'', and recently on other new independent dynamic labels across U.S. & Europe such as NYLON TRAX, SOULSHIFT, FVR and IBIZA STEREO.
However Electronic Music scene  rapidly evolves, STEFEK keeps on working with analog and vintage equipment, he has his own old-school house sound & signature and truly wants to let things as is. Strictly interested in making music through hardware equipment to maintain this magical touch only found in real underground house.
Clearly influenced by  artists and producers such as Victor Simonelli, Satoshi Tomii, Joey Negro, Dimitri from Paris and David Morales, Franckie Knuckles and many more in early 90's...
Well respected for his  energy behind the decks, his quality choices during his sets in afro-lounge, deep-house and soulful tracks but overall for his artistic independence and his state of integrity... He freshly started prolific collaborating with Olivier Portal from Playin'4 the city for Jazz-house projects and remixes...


dj david morales

David Morales

Lenny Fontana & D-Train

Raise Your Hands

dj todd terry

Todd Terry

Daniele Sexxx Feat. Paula P`Cay

Lifing Me Up

artist picture Marshall Jefferson

Marshall Jefferson

Lenny Fontana

Everybody Put Your Hands Up

artist picture Jason Phats (Phats & Small)

Jason Phats (Phats & Small)

Lenny Fontana Ft. Alison Limerick

Bye Bye

artist ATFC


Lenny Fontana & Dee Wiz & Universal Sound Band

Music Makes You Wanna

dj spen

DJ Spen

Lenny Fontana & D-Train

When You Feel What Love Has

artist pics DJ PP aka Gabriel Rocha

DJ PP aka Gabriel Rocha

Lenny Fontana & D-Train

Raise Your Hands

artist picture funkerman


Lenny Fontana & Keva The Diva

I Don´t Want You Back

artist picture My Digital Enemy

My Digital Enemy

House Of Virus & Marshall Jefferson Ft. Soliaris

Believe In Love

artist picture Richard Grey

Richard Grey

Lenny Fontana & Keva The Diva

I Don´t Want You Back

artist john morales

John Morales

Lenny Fontana & D-Train

When You Feel What Love Has

artist and dj Terrence Parker

Terrence Parker

Lenny Fontana & Lorenzo Perrotta

You Got The Feeling



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