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David Morales

dj david morales

Raise Your Hands

David Morales NYC Remix

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A native New Yorker, David Morales grew up during dance music’s most influential era and frequented its legendary clubs such as the Loft and the Paradise Garage.

As a DJ, Morales honed his skills at New York City’s most popular clubs throughout the early 80s and then embarked on a remixing career. In the mid- 80’s – right when the art really started taking off – Morales teamed with Chicago house music legend Frankie Knuckles and For The Record DJ Pool founder/NYC nightlife impresario Judy Weinstein for the creation of Def Mix Productions to help manage remix requests and handle artist business affairs.

David Morales has remixed and produced over 500 releases for artists including Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Eric Clapton, Pet Shop Boys, U2, Whitney Houston, and Jamiroquai. Morales was nominated for his first Grammy Award in 1996 as a Producer on Mariah Carey’s album ‘Daydream’ for the song ‘Fantasy’. He was nominated again the following year and ultimately won the 1998 Grammy Award for “Remixer of the Year”.

David Morales made his solo debut in 1993 with the release of ‘The Program’ through Mercury Records. In 1998 Morales released “Needin’ U” on Definity Records which, under license to Mercury in the UK, soon became a #1 Dance Record and a bonafide club classic. In 2005 Ultra Records released Morales’ second artist album entitled “Two Worlds Collide” followed up in 2011 with ”Changes”.

David is considered by many to be one of the first true superstar DJ’s. Thanks to his remix and production work Morales was among the first DJs to actively tour the world. David is also known as one of the most versatile DJs currently on the scene. Whether it is playing alongside of the “Kings of House” with Louie Vega and Tony Humphries or representing his company Def Mix with Hector Romero and Quentin Harris, Morales feels comfortable adapting to each situation. David Morales not only defines the superstar DJ, he is a talent that has so much more to give in a world that constantly changes.

Releases On

Ultra Records, Def Mix, Intercord Japan, Vendetta Records, D:vision, Blanco Y Negro, Edel, Airplane!, Definity Records, Feel The Rhythm, Club Tools, King Street, Azuli and many more...

Lenny Fontana & D-Train - Raise Your Hand (David Morales NYC Remix)

Todd Terry

dj todd terry

Lifting Me Up

Todd Terry Remix

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Grammy Award nominated DJ/Producer Todd Terry has been engulfed in dance music since he first started listening to European dance music records while growing up in Brooklyn. Already devoted to turntables, he heard something different in those tracks, and he “went for the difference. I never got a break in New York, but England happened right away, so I catered to them.” In any event, the Todd Terry sound was born.

By 1988, Todd Terry hit big in England and Europe, and his notoriety was making its way back to the U.S. In addition to DJ appearances, Todd was cutting his classic underground tracks A Day In The Life, Weekend, and Can You Party, released under monikers such as the Todd Terry Project, House Of Gypsies, and Royal House, all considered essential and ground breaking.

In the mid 90’s, the Ministry of Sound’s eponymous UK label released A Day In The Life, a collection of Todd Terry tracks that had been causing dance floor panic. That then led the way to a deal with Mercury Records allowing him to set up a context in which to work with his favourite singers and performers. The first release, Keep On Jumpin’ on featured a vocal workout from super-divas Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown, together for the first time ever. The song became a top 10 UK crossover pop hit and worldwide smash. Todd followed with the anthem ‘Somethin Going On’, a top 5 UK crossover pop hit.

All the while, Todd continued to break new ground as a Producer/Remixer. From SNAP to Annie Lennox to George Michael to Bjork, Todd’s mixes bridge the ground between club cool and commercial accessibility. In 1995, his remix for Everything But The Girl’s Missing became a worldwide smash, giving the British duo their first ever hit. He then rode the charts with mixes for Garbage (Stupid Girl), The Cardigans (Love Fool), Everything But The Girl (Wrong), 10,000 Maniacs (More Than This), Jamiroquai (Alright), The Cardigans (Been It), and The Lightning Seeds (You Showed Me),.among others. He also produced a Robin S track (Givin’ You All That I’ve Got) for the multi-platinum Space Jam soundtrack.

Todd is one of the world’s most celebrated figures in dance music. With almost two decades of dance floor domination under Todd’s belt the quality of his productions goes from strength to strength. Welcome to the church of house music presided over by Todd the God. Are you a believer?

Releases On

Ministry Of Sound, In House Records, Nervous, D:vision, Hard Times, Henry Street Music, Logic, Manifesto, Virgin, Kontor, Universal Licensing, Vendetta, Strictly Rhythm, Rise, Toolroom Trax, Defected, Loopmasters, Stealth Records, X-Mix Productions and many more...

Daniele Sexxx feat. Paula P´Cay - Lift Me Up (Todd Terry Remix)

Marshall Jefferson

artist picture Marshall Jefferson

Everyboday Put Your Hands Up

Marshall Jefferson Remix

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Widely regarded as the Godfather of house music, it is unsurprising that Marshall's "Move Your Body" is also dubbed as “The House Music Anthem”.

Marshall Jefferson is one of the founding fathers of house music as it is known today. Born in Chicago in 1959, Marshall was a central figure in the development of the Chicago house scene and produced seminal house anthems including Move Your Body, 7 Ways To Jack and Open Our Eyes. He has worked with the best in the business, from fellow founding father Frankie Knuckles to Roy Davis Jr., Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Felix Da Housecat and Lil Louis. Marshall has had a leading hand in the growth of the acid and deep house movements. His impact is so great that he continues to break boundaries and disprove all those predicting the end of house music.

Initially inspired by rock music, regular trips to Chicago’s famed Music Box Club in the mid 80s turned Marshall onto the sounds of early house music. Having bought himself a modest synthesiser and sequencer set-up, Marshall began producing his own cuts and passed them on to Ron Hardy of the Music Box Club, who quickly began playing them to the love of the crowd.

Marshall’s first release, 1985s Go Wild Rhythm Trax on Virgo Records demonstrated he had the talent vital to succeed in such a fickle industry. Move Your Body was released on Trax Records in 1986 and is today recognised as a genre-defining release, having been subtitled and acclaimed “The House Music Anthem”.

The mid 80s gave way to the development of acid house, and Marshall actively participated in the movement’s growth through his use of the Roland TB303. The release in 1987 of Acid Trax launched the career of DJ Pierre and helped Marshall expand his already impressive collaboration roster, working with the likes of Ten City, Robert Owens, Keith Thompson and Pierre’s collective Phuture.

Forever in search of fresh inspiration, Marshall switched his focus in the late 1980’s from acid house to the then relatively new sub-genre of deep house. Open Our Eyes, released on Big Beat in 1988, was a huge success; nowhere before had a producer been able to make such an emotional connection with the listener while maintaining the physical connection necessary for it to succeed on the dance floor. Through his work with vocalists like Kim Mazelle, Ce Ce Rogers and Curtis McClaine, Marshall produced hits on labels including Republic UK, Trax Records, Atlantic and Syncopate.

Juggling production and remix duties with a hectic touring schedule, Marshall was the headline act in the first House Music Tour of Europe in 1987 and enjoyed regular gigs in clubs around the US, most notably in Chicago.

In 1990 Marshall retired from the scene following the shelving of a massive project he took on with Big Beat Records, but re-appeared behind the decks three years later with an increased drive and passion for house music. He moved to London and began a five-year residency with the Tribal Gathering and Big Love events. His debut artist album, 1997’s Day Of The Onion, received critical acclaim across the board, as did his mix compilations including 1996’s Tribal Gathering release – which he mixed with fellow residents James Lavelle and Gayle San – and his 1997 effort, Chicago House 86-91: The Definitive Story.

The new millennium saw original production take a back seat as Marshall released several mix compilations, including 2001’s Welcome to The World Of Marshall Jefferson – A Testament to House Music, 2003’s Move Your Body: The Evolution of Chicago House and 2004’s Marshall Jefferson Presents The Foundations of House.

Original releases, when they did drop, always fared well. Marshall’s collaboration with Serge Imhof on 69% was a defining release for the then relatively new label. Marshall teamed up with DJ Pierre once more to release Clap Your Hands (Everybody Dance) on the UK’s Essence Records. The following year Marshall appeared at London club Pacha as part of their “Fathers of House” events, a series celebrating house music’s heroes from past and present.

His most recent productions include yet another remix of the acclaimed single Move Your Body, this time in collaboration with Frankie Knuckles and Jamie Principle released on Weekender in 2011, and includes the track Baby Wants To Ride.

Even after almost three decades in the industry, Marshall is still busy as ever and most importantly, constantly cementing his stellar reputation while still evolving as both an artist and an entertainer.

Releases On

Big Beat, Traxx Records, KTM, Rhythm Beat, Westside Records, Kontor, Soulstar, Freakin909, Ultra Records and many more...

Lenny Fontana - Everybody Put Your Hands Up (Marshall Jefferson Remix)

Jason Phats (Phats & Small)

Phats & Small are Jason Phats and Ben Ofoedu.

Phats & Small were originally started in 1999 by Jason Phats & Russell Small.

The multi platinum, Brit Nominated, multiple award winning dance act best know for their feel good House sound.

Their career in music spans 2 decades notching up sales of over 5 million, playing many of the world’s greatest clubs from Cocoon in Frankfurt to Ministry Of Sound in London and collaborating with many of the greatest such as Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, Todd Terry and Arthur Baker.

Releases On

Multiply Records, Time, Universal Licensing Music (ULM), Hype Records, Ego, Disco:Wax, INCredible, Scorpio Music, Planetworks, Mercury, Discoball, Rise and many more...

Lenny Fontana Feat. Alison Limerick - Bye Bye (Phats & Small Remix)

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artist ATFC

Believe In Love

ATFC Remix

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ATFC’s picture hangs in the House Music Hall of Fame. OK, so it’s on a rusty nail in the toilet under the stairs at the end of the hall, but the point is that it’s there; a proud testament to one man’s ability to both devastate dance-floors with his explosive, peak-time sets and deliver sickeningly slick productions at an awe-inspiring rate.

This heavyweight of House was born to Anglo-Turkish parents who immediately named him Aydin Hasirci; Ottoman Turkish for “He who blends 2 records skilfully, is a purveyor of slammin’ yet soulful house music whilst simultaneously being a master at whipping up a delicious Spaghetti Carbonara”. Longwinded yes, aspirational most certainly but also quite a burden to lay on a newborn baby. Happily though the young Aydin blossomed into exactly what his parents had prophesised and now occupies a unique position within the occasionally rich and often beautiful world of dance music.

“I've been playing Aydin's tracks for a long time and he never disappoints! He's constantly evolving and giving sure fire dance floor anthems as well as crossover hits. On top of that, he’s a nice bloke too!” Roger Sanchez

The complications surrounding the young Aydin’s name didn’t end here though. Deciding he needed a more instantly recognisable moniker to carry him through what was destined to be a lengthy embrace of the 4/4 beat, the juggernaught known as Aydin the Funki Chile – or more succinctly ATFC – was set into motion.

Several years, some children, a shed-load of singles and more than a few adoring fans later – 80% of which are, naturally, female – ATFC is one of those rare things within the dance music community; an established, successful name the mention of which doesn’t have the haters screaming ‘Sell out!’ from the rooftops or start to maliciously plot his downfall. Three UK Top 40 hits, Beatport and Traxsource No.1’s and Pete Tong describing one of your tracks as “verging on genius” do not come without substance to back-up the unquestionable style, although the last in this list can allegedly be encouraged with a few glasses of Babysham and a back massage. In fact, the Radio 1 selector must have been heavy plied with both these luxuries, as in January ’09 ATFC was handed the keys to world’s biggest stage with his very own essential mix, resulting in raised fists and weak knees around the world.

Don’t think for one second however that he’s just some kind of studio geek, locked away from the outside world, listening to the same four bars of music thousands of times before spewing forth an eruption of magma-hot house music. Ok, he is like that, but he’s also pretty comfortable behind the digital ones and twos, belting out tunes to thousands of smiling faces and stomping feet. In his time he’s rocked Global Gathering UK, Dance Valley, Holland, Zoukfest, Kuala Lumpur and Summadayze Australia, not to mention regularly dropping bombs at Pacha, Ibiza; no mean feat when you consider the airspace above Ibiza Town is deemed a no-fly-zone for all but the most dashing pilots.

It’s not just big tunes and big stages he dabbles in however. He’s also got his dirty mitts on some of the biggest names in the industry. Ever heard of P Diddy, Missy Elliot, Bootsy Collins, Simply Red, Faithless or Dido? Well ATFC’s taken each one of them, flipped them upside down, shaken them all about and smothered them in his lovely housey drool, delivering killer remixes that would make Ted Bundy proud. As far as his own releases go, by title at least ATFC reveals a love of text shorthand (‘Tell U Y’ and ‘Giv Me Luv’), an addiction to phone sex (‘I Called U (The Conversation)’) and the two word’s no one want to hear when they start dating a Brazilian supermodel (‘It's Over’). Happily in house music, titles mean a lot less than tunes, and all these tracks and plenty more besides have taken up space in all the top house jocks’ wallets and ripped many a happy – although now partially deaf – clubber’s eardrums to shreds.

“Anyone who maintains a profile at the level and length of time Aydin has is truly world class. He has an ability to adapt his style, to stay relevant without compromising his sound. A true house don!”

Mark Knight, Toolroom.

Recently, ATFC even had his own dedicated compilation to play around with. ATFC In The House London ’10 showed what happens when you let a master craftsman loose in the studio for an extended period of time. Once the fag butts, empty pizza boxes and piles of German Jazz literature were cleared, what remained was a hearty dish of house-music loveliness, packed with more bangers than a sausage factory on firework night. Sprinkle this explosive mix with three consecutive nominations as Beatport’s House Artist of the Year and you begin to see just how phat this deeva really is.

It’s important to remember that while the mere presence of ATFC leaves many breathless (he blames it on the spinach), he is just a man, and not an entire football club as many would think. A man with a bad habit of taking you out for the night of your life, forcing you to dance the night away, getting you all sweaty and then jetting off to do exactly the same with a complete stranger the next day.

Releases On

Defected, Stealth Records, OnePhatDeeva, White Eagle, Big Love, CR2, Better Days Records In, Strictly Rhythm, Toolroom Records, D:vision, Glitter, Nocturnal Groove, Warner Dance Labels, Nervous, Subliminal, Spinnin' Records and many more...

Lenny Fontana & Dee Wiz & Universal Sounds Band - Music Makes You Wanna (ATFC Remix)

House Of Virus & Marshall Jefferson feat. Soliaris - Believe In Love (ATFC Main Mix)

DJ Spen

dj spen

When You Feel What Love Has

DJ Spen & Thommy Davis & Soulfuledge Vocal Remix

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Spen began his career at the age of 13, producing mix shows for WEBB AM in Baltimore. Even at that young age, Spen founded one of the area's first hip hop production groups, the Numarx. In 1986 they wrote and recorded a track called "Girl You Know It's True", which was later covered and made famous by Milli Vanilli.

Spen's radio career continued to grow and lead him to a radio career working at various FM radio stations in the Baltimore and Washington areas. In 1992, Spen developed a mixshow on 95.9 FM in Baltimore called the Flashback Saturday Night Dance Party. Though Spen eventually moved on from radio, the show is still a hit today, with Spen's close friend KW Griff at the helm.

Spen's production talents lead him to Basement Boys Records in 1989. With the formation of The Basement Boys record label in 1994, Spen formed Jasper Street Company, and released his first full production, A Feelin. With the Basement Boys and Jasper Street, Spen gained consistent commercial and dancefloor success, and became an in-demand remix producer. He has created remixes for some of clubland's biggest names, such as Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Everything but the Girl, Toni Braxton, Kirk Franklin, Ann Nesby, and Shaun Escoffery. While at Basement Boys, Spen partnered with Teddy Douglas, Thommy Davis and Karizma to create works that are still considered house anthems.

Having reached his full potential with Basement Boys, Spen stepped out on his own and partnered with Gary Deane to form the Code Red Record label in January 2004. Together with Gary Hudgins and Irvin Madden he formed the artist/production team called the MuthaFunkaz . Code Red joined Defected Records releasing dance classics such as “The Way You Love Me”, (featuring Marc Evans), “Gabryelle”, and “It”s So Easy” (featuring Ann Nesby). In October 2010, Code Red released the MuthaFunkaz LP entitled "The MuthaLode" containing classics such as “Gotta hold On Me”, “Oh I (Miss U)” and “Galaxy” featuring Sheila Ford on lead vocals.

In 2012, Spen started Quantize Recordings with long time partner Thommy Davis producing tracks form the likes of Jocelyn Brown, Barbara Tucker, Joi Cardwell, Melonie Daniels, Dawn Tallman, and Tracy Hamlin.

With a career span of more than 30 years , Spen has become one of the most sought-after DJs in the U.S. Hecan be found jetting off to gigs at some of the premier clubs around the world. He plays regularly in the UK, as well as France, Italy, and Australia.

Releases On

Basement Boys Records, Chez Music, Black Vinyl Records, Quantize Recordings, Defected, MN2S, KneeDeep USA, Code Red, Groove Odyssey, Nervous, Kings Street Sounds and many more...

Lenny Fontana & D-Train - When You Feel What Love Has (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis & Soulfuledge Remix)

DJ PP aka Gabriel Rocha

artist pics DJ PP aka Gabriel Rocha

Music Males You Wanna

DJ PP Remix

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Named by Mark Knight as one of the breakthrough DJ/Producers of 2010, Gabriel Rocha also known as DJ PP, is one of Uruguay’s top DJs, with more than 17 years experience.

He’s a regular in Beatports top sales charts with releases on some of the scenes top record labels, including: Toolroom, Defected, Rising, Leftroom, Sci+Tec, Strictly Rhythm, Cr2, Greatstuff, Kling Klong, Craft Music, Ministry Of Sound, Soulman and Muzik X Press.

In his career he has been resident DJ at some of Uruguay’s best clubs

As well as these residencies he’s played at many South America Festivals including Creamfields in Buenos Aires.

As a producer, recent times have seen him remixing for the likes of Mark Knight, Funkagenda, Chris Lake, Soul Central, Chus & Ceballos, Loko and many others, with even more in the pipeline for 2011.

His production career started in 2006 with the formation of the duo Rocha & Lewinger. After 2 successful years this partnership ended in 2008, and so began his solo projects under both his own name Gabriel Rocha and his DJ PP alias.

Gabriels music style is a consequence of many years of hard work and great experience handling the “Dance floor”

Releases On

Muzik X Press, Soulman Music, Toolroom Trax, PPmusic, Zulu Records, Weekend Music, 303Lovers, HotFingers, Nervous, Pornostar Records and many more...

Lenny Fontana & Dee Wiz & Universal Soul Band - Music Makes You Wanna (DJ PP Remix)


artist picture funkerman

Funkerman (born 1975 in Breda, Netherlands) is a Dutch House DJ and producer, who together with DJ/Producer Fedde Le Grand and producer Raf Jansen runs the record company Flamingo Recordings.[1][2] In 2005 he topped the Dutch club charts with "Rule the Night" and "The One" and in 2007 he made the Dutch Top 40, the Mega Single Top 100 and the Mega Top 50 thanks to his collaboration with Fedde Le Grand under their "F to the F" alias with "Wheels In Motion".[3] In that same year he made the international charts with the track "Speed up",[4] that eventually was signed by UK based label Defected Records. In 2008 he delivered several remixes and released "3 Minutes To Explain", again a collaboration with Fedde Le Grand.

The song "Speed Up" is available as a downloadable track on the Xbox 360 karaoke game, Lips.[5]

In May 2011 both Funkerman and Raf Jansen signed an exclusive publishing deal with Sony ATV[6] and started a new record label called Can You Feel It Records.

January 2015 his collaboration with Hardwell featuring I-Fan ("Where Is Here Now") was included on Hardwell's debut album United We Are. (Wikipedia)

Releases On

Jacuzzi, Hardball White, Flamingo Recordings, Spinnin' Records, Stealth Rec, Club Revolution, Net's Work International, Disco:Wax, Can You Feel It Records and many more...

Lenny Fontana pres. Keva The Diva - I Don´t Want You Back (Funkerman Remix) Licensed to Vamos Music

My Digital Enemy

artist picture My Digital Enemy

Believe In Love

My Digital Enemy Remix

Spotify - Itunes -Amazon

Brighton based Serg & Kieron of My Digital Enemy are what the house scene has been waiting for. Their fresh approach to production and performance means that nothing is delivered below excellence.The My Digital Enemy studio consistently pipes out quality releases that storm global EDM charts. In 2013 they have already have notched up an impressive three Beatport House top ten tracks. Their remix of Crazibiza 'My Lips' making it to the number 2 spot & their collaboration with Jason Chance 'Feel It In The Air' on their own label 'Zulu Records' hitting number 3!2012 was no different with massive chart success for their remix of ‘Alter Ego - Rocker ’ which was #1 on both T he DMC Buzz Chart & The Beatport Tech House chart.The guys label Zulu Records was also skyrocketed to the forefront of the house scene with the success of their collaboration with Jason Chance ”Got To Be Strong” which held firm for 8 weeks at #2 on the Beatport House chart. They seem to have hit a winning formula which has gained support from industry heavy weights Fedde Le Grand, Chuckie, Roger Sanchez, Bob Sinclar, Mark Knight, Cedric Gervais, Axwell, AN21, Max Vangeli and a whole host of other leading EDM stars.My Digital Enemy's productions are highly in demand and as well as releasing them on Zulu Records they have also released tracks on Toolroom, Stealth, Spinnin, Great Stuff, Hotfingers, Skint the list goes on.....Afrojack picked up 'African Drop' for his label Wall Recordings. This was one of 2012's biggest tracks with support form the likes of Tiesto, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Knife Party, Porter Robinson, Tommy Trash, The Bingo Players, Fedde Le Grand, BBC Radio 1’s Danny Howard, Hardwell... . If you can call upon a large proportion of DJ Mag’s Top 100 list as your advocates, I think you can safely say you’re not doing too badly.DJ's at heart, the My Digital Enemy guys thrive on club atmosphere and put everything into their performances. It's not surprising that this year they have already deejayed in Miami, Russia, Canada and of course the UK.Gig highlights include sell out nights at the globally famous Gatecrasher Birmingham alongside Afrojack, and at the previously voted #1 club in the world Sankeys joined by John Dahlback.. They also have a residency for one of the biggest and longest running brands in clubland; The Gallery at Ministry of Sound.And what next for My Digital Enemy? 2013 is shaping up to be a busy year and one things for sure there's no stopping these guys

Releases On

MDE Records, Floorplay Music, My Digital Enemy, Spinnin' Records, Stealth Records, HotFingers, Milk & Sugar Recordings, Zulu Records, Hed Kandi, Spinnin' Deep, Toolroom Records and many more...

House Of Virus & Marshall Jefferson feat. Soliaris - Believe In Love (My Digital Enemy Radio Edit)

Richard Grey

artist picture Richard Grey

For almost two decades, the legendary DJ and house music producer Richard Grey has created some of the most memorable dance tracks known to man. Originally from France, Richard played a massive part in developing the "French Touch" style in the latter half of the 1990s. He has a dizzying array of productions and collaborations with some of the biggest labels around, including Spinnin', Subliminal, G-High, Ultra Bass, Pacha, Pornostar, and House Session Germany. He has worked with some of the most talented names in the industry such as Shakira, Erick Morillo, Armand Van Helden, Junior Jack, Harry Romero, Jose Nunez, Antoine Clamaran, Robbie Rivera, and Yves Larock to name a few. The calling of the clubbing capital of America took Richard to fabulous Las Vegas where he wrecked dance floors on the countries' mainstage! Richard now calls sunny South Africa home, where the beauty of Cape Town continues to inspire him to create even more magic.

Releases On

Universal Music, Pacha Recordings, Subliminal, Air Fresh, House Telecom, Royal Flush Rec., G-High Records, Royal Drums, Rise, Illegal Beats, Tiger Records, Casa Rossa, Cassagrande, Vendetta Rec, Be Nice, Disco:Wax, Spinnin' Records, Warner Dance Labels, Ultra Rec. and many more...

Lenny Fontana pres. Keva The Diva - I Don´t Want You Back (Richard Grey Remix) Licensed to Vamos Music

John Morales

artist john morales

Raise Your Hands (coming soon)

John Morales M+M Re-Touch

John Morales was born in the Bronx, New York and has been involved in the creation of hit records for the better part of almost 35 years, playing at many NY clubs in the 70's,, 80's ,

John ventured into the studio more through need than necessity, making medleys and remixes because the records in those days were too short and being a DJ, he needed to get more out of the records he was spinning. His now infamous ‘Deadly Medleys’ and ‘Sunshine Acetate Medleys’ brought him to attention of New York disco producers Greg Carmichael and Patrick Adams who were impressed by the hunger and desire of the self-taught engineer.

A meeting at New York’s influential WBLS radio station, where Cuban-born Sergio Munzibai worked as musical director alongside Frankie Crocker (and later at Motown Records), would signal the next chapter in Morales’ career resulting in the most prolific remix partnership in the 1980s and 90s.

M&M productions have over 650 mixes to their name, with ground-breaking records for the likes of Class Action, Jocelyn Brown, Shakatak, Miami Sound Machine, The Temptations, Tina Turner, The Rolling Stones, Spandau Ballet, Aretha Franklin, Shalamar, Hall & Oates, Candi Station, Billy Ocean, The Commodores and even Peter Schilling and Rod Stewart.

In fact, just about every major artist of the day was in some way retouched by the hands of Morales & Munzibai. John has recently completed two CD compilation for BBE, with new expanded editions of James Brown and the Four Tops, Marvin Ashford & Simpson and many more.

Releases On

Serious Grooves, Sony (UK), Intangible, K7, Superb Entertainment, Sony (BMG), KMS, RCA, Network and many more...

Terrence Parker

artist and dj Terrence Parker

You Got The Feeling

Terrence Parker Remix

Spotify - Itunes -Amazon

Terrence Parker (known to many as "TP") born and raised in Detroit, has become legendary for his quite uncommon yet skillful turntablism style of playing House Music. TP has also become widely admired because he uses an actual telephone handset as headphones.

Terrence has performed as a DJ in 42 countries throughout the world and has released more than 100 recordings on his Intangible Records label and various labels including Sony, Defected, Nervous, Kingstreet, and Purple Music. Terrence has top 20 hits with his songs "Love's Got Me High", "The Question" and albums like “Life On The Back 9” and "Detroit After Dark". Terrence is also making his mark as a techno producer with his “Alarm The Sound” track topping the 2016 Traxsource Top 200 Techno Singles chart at Number # 3.

Terrence has two album projects coming in 2017. The album “GOD Loves Detroit” is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2017 on Planet E Communications (Detroit). This new album features TP collaborations with Coco Street, and additional projects with Merachka (who co-produced, co-wrote, and sings on the first single entitled “Don’t Waste Another Minute” which also features a remix by London’s As I Am) released in February 2016. The album “Motor City Life” is also scheduled to be released later in 2017 on Goldmin Records (Paris) which features a collection of unreleased versions of house and hip hop (downtempo) tracks.

Terrence’s 2014 album entitled, “Life On The Back 9” released in January 2014 on Carl Craig’s Planet E label in Detroit was rereleased as an expanded remix album in November 2014 on Defected Records in London. This album which in its debut reached number # 1 on the Traxsource Top 100 Albums Sales Chart, tells the story of how he was encouraged by his father to continue on forward by the struggles and challenges of life. The album features the writing contributions and vocal performances by Merachka, Coco Street, Kelly Gunn, Reno Ka, and features remixes by Carl Craig, Underground Resistance/Timeline, Louie Vega, Josh Milan, Monty Luke, Marc Romboy, Merachka, House Of Praise and Terrence Parker.

Terrence does not like to be put in a box. Instead he prefers to be viewed as one who enjoys various styles of music which can often be heard in his music productions and DJ set. He has established himself as one of electronic music’s legendary Producer/DJs and continues to be in high demand as a touring DJ, Producer, and Remixer. Keep your eyes and ears open for more to come from Detroit’s own Terrence Parker.

Releases On

Pacha Recordings, Subliminal, Air Fresh, House Telecom, Royal Flush Rec., G-High Records, Royal Drums, Rise, Illegal Beats, Tiger Records, Casa Rossa, Cassagrande, Vendetta Rec, Be Nice, Disco:Wax, Spinnin' Records, Warner Dance Labels, Ultra Rec. and many more...

Lenny Fontana & Lorenzo Perrotta - You Got The Feeling (John Morales M+M Re-Touch) Coming Soon

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Jon Dasilva (Remixer)

Jonas Nilsson (Remixer)


Klubjumpers (Remixer)

Ken Figueroa (Remixer)


Lenny Fontana (Artist/Remixer)

Loris Conte (Artist/Remixer)

Lissat & Voltaxx (Remixer)

Leon Wolf (Remixer)

Lorenzo Perrotta (Artist/Remixer)


Marshall Jefferson (Artist/Remixer)

Marc Tasio (Artist/Remixer)

Marcus Knight (Artist/Remixer)

Maffa Vs. Mood Crew (Remixer)

Marc Baigent (Remixer)

My Digital Enemy (Remixer)


Nunzio Roma (Artist/Remixer)

Nekko From Brazil (Remixer)

Niko De Vries (Remixer)


Oliver Deuerling (Remixer)


Phats & Small (Remixer)

Peznt (Remixer)

Pour Le Plasir (Remixer)

PachangaStorm (Remixer)


No Remixer


Reza Golroo (Artist/Remixer)

Richard Grey (Remixer)

Ridney (Remixer)

Reza (Remixer)


Soulfuledge (Remixer)

Soheil (Artist/Remixer)

Savvas (Remixer)

Samir Maslo (Remixer)


Terrence Parker (Remixer)

Todd Terry (Remixer)

Twism (Artist/Remixer)

Tommy Davis (Remixer)

Toni The MmG (Artist/Remixer)


No Remixer


Vinny Gruvhunter (Remixer)


No Remixer


No Remixer


No Remixer


Zonum (Remixer)



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