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Reza Golroo & Old Yorky

KPR 235

Reza Golroo & Old Yorky - Dressed To Kill

Reza who is a talented producer and has produced other excellent records for Karmic Power returns with a very Deep and Sexy House track along with Old Yorky. The passionate vocals stylings will make this a highlight for your house set. A must play for your set or radio mix show.

Max Komodo

KPR 234

Max Komodo - Groovy

This production has house shaker anthem all over it. Great chords and fantastic rhythm gives you the chance to include it in your peak electronic house sets either on your mix show or dance floor. A definite floor bomb. Max Komodo is a great producer and here he shows it.

Lenny Fontana & Lorenzo Perrotta

KPR 030R1

Lenny Fontana & Lorenzo Perrotta - You Got The Feeling

A hot track from the vault of Lenny Fontana & Lorenzo Perrotta receives a strong remix by The Inaudibles and no other then the Classic House Producer Terrence Parker from Detroit. A great house music package for all house lovers.

FAM Disco & Phillip Ramirez

KPR 233

FAM Disco & Phillip Ramirez - I Wanna Fly

A top house production from House Fam who are the combination of Paolo Fedreghini, Massimo Anelli, and Max Montorio. The vocal stylings come direct from the USA's Phillip Ramirez who himself had a hit with production team 95 North with “See The Light". This joining of Philip and House Fam are showing it´s a great match and this new single is a wholesome delight for the dance floor and the soul. 

Charnette - In Your Arms

KPR 217R1

Charnette - In Your Arms

The Italian producer Charnette comes strong to Karmic Power with a hot dance release. This record is a strong funky underground house track with hot mixes by Nu Ground Foundation. “In Your Arms" has everything right to keep your feet moving and melt your heart.

Marc Tasio - Reverse

KPR 232

Marc Tasio - Reverse

French House Producer Marc Tasio delivers the goods with his new production Reverse. Its strong right out of the box with its full power driving drums and pulsating sounds that will keep your dance floor alive.

Eddie Amador - Lord Hear Our Prayer

KPR 231

Eddie Amador - Lord Hear Our Prayer

Producer DJ Eddie Amador from the West Coast always delivers and this is a great example of something that will be a future classic amongst the house community. With its majestic vocal lines and classic smooth production this will grip your dance floor tight and help proclaim the new word. Play it loud and sing its praises.

The Soulbrozerz

KPR 230

The Soulbrozerz - Rainbow

A top track produced by The Soulbrozerz with its retro classic house sound. This song will be a sure delight for any dance floor. Karmic Power always delivers each and every time the right sound for your house music set. 

Kikka Vara

KPR 229

Kikka Vara - Loft

Swiss Dj and Japanese born DJane Kikka Vara once again delivers a hot track for the dance floor. “Loft” is that type of underground track that will work in most house sets. We will warn you early that this may have you dancing.

Lenny Fontana & D-Train

KPR 162R3

Lenny Fontana & D-Train - When You Feel What Love Has

Lenny Fontana is known for his top 10 UK Crossover Hit under the name Powerhouse Feat. Duane Harden.

D-Train the vocalist who is known for his huge hits “Keep On” and “Your The One For Me” team together to come with this massive track When You Feel What Love Has. This electronic remix is super hot and mixed with fire by Razor-N-Guido & Richard Scotti.


KPR 228

Hires - All Night Long

Deep House is where it is at and this will bring you joy and happiness as the vocal says it over and over. Stabbing sounds and driving drums are the main ingredients in this record. Play it loud and proud.

DJ Paulo Leite & DJ Grouse & Lisa

KPR 227

DJ Paulo Leite & DJ Grouse & Lisa - Entregate A Mi

This is a well done classy house music production. Perfect for the beach clubs of Rimini, Mykonos, St. Tropez and Ibiza. With the sounds of the sexy strings and bouncing bass this will keep your people drinking and toasting the day and night away. Dj Paulo Leite has been on the scene since the early 1980’s and has worked for many famous dance labels, and Dj Grouse who is famous in his own right have now teamed up and worked very well together on this new single. Watch out there is more to come from this team. 

Eddie Amador & Dany Cohiba

KPR 226

Eddie Amador & Dany Cohiba - Reaching To My Brother

Two of House Music Greats Eddie Amador And Dany Cohiba come with a strong Deep House Music track that will rock your sets. A driving keyboard and a rolling bassline will give plenty for all to dance too and play music too. You can rock their record on an iPhone or even a massive sound system and it will do the business.

Darren Sains & Dashi

KPR 224

Darren Sains & Dashi - Come On Let’s Go

"Come on Let's Go" is a song that celebrates that feeling of letting the music take control of your core via the means of Vinyl, celebrating the timeless value of the 45, the 12 inch, and EP. Long Island Producer Darren Sains makes his debut here on Karmic with a strong singer he collaborated with named Dashi.  A strong hook and great vocal is the recipe on this. To the bonus NYC House Legend Lenny Fontana adds a heavy hand in the remix to give it that twist. There is a little something for everyone.

Independent Wolf

KPR 223

Independent Wolf - Time Travel

Interstellar Space Travel is soon near and this song makes it possible to ride from Galaxy to Galaxy. This uplifting disco track has all the makings of being a great dance floor record for the upcoming years ahead. Make this your go to for your summer.

DJ Cocodil

KPR 222

Dj Cocodil - House Spirit

This track is deep and full of great vibes. A house floor filler with jacking style drums and deep chords that will make your dancers spin with delight. This is a must spin for your dance floor.


KPR 221

Flauschig - House Music

House Music is a term that is used for the music played at a club or house party, Frankie’s House Music or Garage House. It has become a religion and a movement in sound for more than 30 years. Flauschig who are the team of Stephan Spieker and Jason Durrant are now teaching the new generation. Funky vibes and a positive vocal message are the push forward.  We hope you will enjoy House Music. 

Sexy House Vol. 7

KPR 220

Various Artists - Sexy House Vol.7

Sexy House Volume 7 showcases some of the earlier releases of Karmic Power Records. You will find remixes from Francesco Corfano, Samir Maslo, Chris Count, Fracture and productions by Reza Golroo, Max Komodo, Marc Tasio, Flauschig and many more. This compilation holds to the same quality as the others and will not disappoint. We hope you enjoy it. 


KPR 219

Doler - House Mantra

„Mantra House” is a funky house dub style track with a driving piano riff. Chunky and groovy is the flavor and Doler is the producer who put this together for your sets. A top producer in the funky house genre music and one to be watched.

Karl8 & Barby G. & Ramon Riera

KPR 214R1 - The Remixes

Karl8 & Barby G. & Ramon Riera - Hit Me

Top production and vocal track with this great team. Sexy Horns (Ramon Riera), Beautiful vocal (Barby G.) and a Top Dj Karl8 from Nikki Beach Mallorca pull it altogether on this big second release for Karmic Power. The formula together is amazing and we expect this to do big things. Sultry and sexy house for your summer.

Tigers Project

KPR 218

Tigers Project - In The Music

Organ and orgasmic is the flavor of this house track. Tiger Project are no strangers to making dance floor style tracks that will rock any set. A must have for your summer sets.


KPR 217

Charnette - In Your Arms

The Italian producer Charnette comes strong to Karmic Power with a hot dance release. This record is a strong funky underground house track with a hot mix provided by Deep Rence. “In Your Arms" has everything right to keep your feet moving and melt your heart.

Kikka Vara

KPR 216

Kikka Vara - Free Your Soul

Swiss Dj and Japanese born Kikka Vara shows he can put it down strong with his new offering called “Free Your Soul”. This track has a driving piano and hard beats made for your dance floor and big room festival sets. It will drive the clubbers to new heights with the repetitious chords and vocal cut ups. Play it loud!

Sexy House Vol.6

KPR 215

Sexy House Vol.6

Here in this release are some of the Top Tracks from Karmic Powers vaults for your listening pleasure. Handpicked and compiled by one of the best brands in dance music. 

Tracklist: click here

Karl8 & Barby G. & Ramon Riera

KPR 214

Karl8 & Barby G. & Ramon Riera

Karl8 who is resident Dj at Nikki Beach Mallorca and a successful hit making producer in his own right teams up with Barby G the Italian Vocalist from Italy with her dreamy sexy vocal sound. Together they pull in the mighty Saxophone player Ramon Riera to give it that funky sound and the finish off is a great house record. “Hit Me” is ready for the dance floor.

DJ Leandro & Natalie Poulli

KPR 199R1 DJ

Leandro & Natalie Poulli - Turn Back Time

New mix Package for the Beach Sounds with a Funky House feeling. This will make you dance. Dj Leandro who is originally from South Africa and now lives in Cyprus is an accomplished DJ/Producer and he is handling the mix duties on this project. Cyprian born singer Natalie Poulli lays down a vocal top line that is timeless. Total heat for your summer sets… 

Don Ray Mad

KPR 213

Don Ray Mad - Last In Love

“Last in Love” is the brand new single by Italian DJ producer Don Ray Mad. The track is out in March 2017 on Karmic Power Records, the label of New Yorker top DJ Lenny Fontana. Karmic is a benchmark for those who love soulful house sounds. “This new collaborations makes me so proud, as I always play Karmic tracks in my radioshows and in my DJ sets”, says Don Ray Mad from his recording studio located near Bergamo, not far from Milan. His music is already known around the world. His radioshow Apericlub is broadcasted in Italy, France, USA and Great Britain. “My sound has aways been connected to Karmic, it’s house music that never forgets melody.

Paul Lock & Bruno Kauffmann & Desi

KPR 212

Paul Lock & Bruno Kauffmann & Desi - Love Yourself

Love Yourself a brilliant production with a classy male vocal from Desi. Together this is a winning formula. Paul Lock, Bruno Kauffmann and Desi team together to make this work of music that seems more like an art piece. This will become a future classic with many DJ’s worldwide.

Eddie Amador & Dany Cohiba

KPR 211

Eddie Amador & Dany Cohoiba -Stuck In New York

Grammy Nominated Eddie Amador and Housemaster Danny Cohiba fuse each other’s powers and create this stellar production called "Escape From New York." From the moment, the track starts its fully action packed and the dancers will be in a frenzy with they hear it. Total Support needed for these two powerful Dj’s. 

Sexy House Vol.5

KPR 210

Various Artists - Sexy House Vol.5

Sexy House Vol. 5 Compilation series has dug real deep in the vaults and is showcasing some of the earlier stuff that Karmic Power released. Strong tracks lined up to warm up any party or dance floor. Just hit play and let the music do the work. A must have to all of the collectors of fine house music. Guarnteed good ole house music for the soul.

Reza Golroo

KPR 209

Reza Golroo - Let House Heal Your Heart

A funky bassline and a dark Chicago jacking pulse feel is the sound of Reza Golroo on his new production for Karmic Power. Over the last few years Reza has grown a great fan base and has shown he is a solid record producer. This track will deliver each and every time it is played.

Bart Gori

KPR 208

Bart Gori - Deep Inside

Bart Gori a producer that is becoming a staple with Karmic Power seems to know how to hit that New York House Sound right on target. It makes you fantasize that you are in the middle of NYC in the 90's with his track.

Dany Cohiba

KPR 207

Dany Cohiba - Feelings In My Head

Dany Cohiba is a powerful record producer DJ and here he shows you why. Going back in his time machine to the days of the Detroit Sounds of Techno and using some of the influences of Producer Dj Kevin Saunderson from the legendary group, Inner City. This track showcases his new sound jacked up, rinsed, and ready for your dance floor.

Simone L

KPR 206

Simone L - Bring It On

This track is a positive uplifting delight to play. Strong jacking sound for those hot sweaty nights where people need to lose control and just get down and party. A total corker for any event.

Lenny Fontana Pres. The Starletts

KPR 191R1

Lenny Fontana Pres. The Starletts - On His Mind

Longtime best friends drag artist Miss Diamond and Wiveca finally decided to join forces and give the nightlife something it's been missing, a hot female vocal duo that can truly turn it out. They love to sing that classic house sound and here it shows with a stellar production and great song. Lenny Fontana goes back into the studio to turnout a smokin hot stomper of a remix, that will really groove the dance floor. This record will not disappoint so get on it, and work it, and help make it the anthem it truly deserves to be. 

Lenny Fontana & D-Train

KPR 162R2

Lenny Fontana & D-Train - When You Feel What Love Has

Lenny Fontana and D-Train have now graduated to daytime rotation in the USA. WBLS 107.5FM in New York City has now added to there daytime playlist the Original Radio Edit and to celebrate this we at Karmic Power felt a strong remix package was inevitable.

Sexy House Vol.4

KPR 205

Various Artists - Sexy House Vol.4

Sexy House Vol4. Pure House Music with 20 tracks from artists like Marshall Jefferson, House Of Virus, Lenny Fontana and many more. We Love House Music All Night Long!

Jason B

KPR 204

Jason B - Lifting Me Up

Super Producer Jason B who is no stranger to Karmic Power Records comes once again with a super strong vocal track that will lift all their hands to this gem. Lift Me Up is the signature sound that Karmic is known for and this will become a sure shot future classic.

Saus & Braus

KPR 203

Saus & Braus - Soul Mate

Deep dark and sexy house written all over it. Soul with its funky chords on this release and we are glad to have this production team produce such quality work.


KPR 202

Doler - To Thing About High

Old School meets the new school with this hot off joint off the mixing desk. Top quality class track that will keep your set feeling fresh. 


KPR 201

MAETA - On Waves

Karmic Power is proud to announce its first release with a Japanese House artist named Maeta. Here he shows how the US sound has influenced him through his new production called On Waves. It will work on your dance floor from US to Europe to Asia. 

Reza Golroo

KPR 200

Reza Golroo - Dark Jazz

A Jazzy guitar and a catchy vocal hook will make this obscure sounding track a hot piece for your set. Reza is a veteran producer with Karmic Power and he keeps delivering over and over with hot tunes.

DJ Leandro Feat. Natalie Poulli

KPR 199

DJ Leandro feat. Natalie Poulli - Turn Back Time

Cyprian born singer Natalie Poulli teams up with Dj Leandro for a soon to be classic style house tune. This team wrote a very catchy song with soaring strings and a soothing piano that will be timeless in any set. Total beach style feel that will warm up your sets during the winter months.

Lenny Fontana Feat. Tommy Rando

KPR 116R1

Lenny Fontana Feat. Tommy Rando - Hope For The World

The remix package is set to light fire to dance floors world wide for 2017. Germany’s remix team Flauschig delivers a very strong vocal mix. UK Producer- Carlos Florez rocks you with a traditional house groove and Jack Shakes brings it home with his style that works everywhere. The remix package ties it together in a strong way and Lenny Fontana and Vocalist Tommy Rando provides the homily needed for these uncertain times. 

Stolen Soul & John Steel....

KPR 198

Stolen Soul & John Steel & Ian Campbell Feat. Talia Shewchuk - Mean To Me

"UK producers Stolen Soul and John Steel combine again with Canada's Ian Campbell and vocalist Talia Schewchuk on 'Mean To Me'. The groups follow up to their Spring 2016 offering ''Make Me Feel' with Lakester which enjoyed radio support from Benny Benassi and Graeme Park to name but a few"

Saus & Braus

KPR 197

Saus & Braus - House Love

Deep keys meets Happy House right here in this track. With loads of fills and breaks to keep your dancers in heaven. A must have for any set. 

The Soul Architect

KPR 196

The Soul Architect - Praising

This track has a beautiful spiritual vibe with its soaring strings and sweet vocals. True deepness at its finest here. This will become a future classic soon. 

Sexy House Vol.4

KPR 195

Various Artists - Sexy House Vol.3

Karmic Power Records returns once again after huge success with another installment of Sexy House Volume 3. This volume has strong remixes from Dj Spen and David Morales.

Toni The Mmg

KPR 194

Toni The MmG - House Groove

Toni the MmG House Groove.. Old School meets new school with a driving house piano anthem.

A must have for the house music enthusiast. Your crowd will love you for this.

Livio Mode Feat. Soul Sarah

KPR 193

Livio Mode Feat. Soul Sarah - Feel The Beat

Livio delivers a total class production sound for Karmic Power. Soul Sarah sings in the refrain the words "Dreams Come True" and they will all believe, when you have the chance to play this for your dancers. It brings you back to that Discoesque House sound that is so needed today on the dance floor. 


KPR 192

LuDo - Forgiveness

A deep eclectic house track that takes you on a deep journey into sound. Ludo a top producer DJ from Belgium makes his debut here on Karmic Power Records. 

Lenny Fontana Pres. The Starletts

KPR 191

Lenny Fontana Pres. The Starletts - On His Mind

NYC Dj Producer Lenny Fontana Presents The Starletts “On His Mind”
Longtime Best Friends drag artist Miss Diamond and Wiveca finally decided to join forces and give the nightlife something it´s been missing, a hot female vocal duo that can truly turn it out. They love to sing that old school house sound and here it shows with a stellar production and great song. This record will not disappoint so get on it and work it and help make it the anthem it truly deserves to be.

KPR 225

Saus & Braus - Summer Love

Happiness is just around the bend with the Hot House Music track from Saus & Braus. A true dancer delight with that driving jacking piano sound. Andy Bach is a European House Music DJ with more than 20 years’ experience and it shows right here with this banger that can be rocked on your Pioneer CDJ’s all night long. So, hurry and download your Mp3 to your memory stick and get cracking on your Summer. 



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