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KPR 047

Dunter - Trego

Dunter who is known as a club promoter, Dj and Radio presenter has produced a deep track for the masses. This record Trego is the new underground sound of today and you will find that it will work in a deep sweaty club in Berlin or your neighborhood night club. Enjoy and please remember to play it loud and proud.

Max Komodo

KPR 046

Max Komodo - Saxass

Karmic Power would like to welcome Max Komodo to its stable. This record that he has produced has pumping drums and a dreamy sax line which will sweep everyone away. Its a strong style 1990's influenced house track that seems to be the craze these days. No wonder why people are asking for this sound once again, when you hear this it just warms the soul.

Butch Quick

KPR 044

Shortwave - So High

These are the from the vault of Lenny Fontana. At the time these tracks came out they were some of the most hammered in clubland. We believe that some education to some of the older tracks is needed and felt compelled to rerelease these diamonds that have not been in the digital format only up till now where found on vinyl. So, enjoy and if you play it please let us know because we like to always follow who is playing our Karmic Power Releases.


KPR 044

Shortwave - So High

The second big release on Karmic Power Records from the young production team called Shortwave from the U.K. This Jacking style house with a rolling bass seems to be the new wave of dance that is taking over dance floors all over the world. It has a throwback reminiscent from the stylings of early Chicago House Music. It is a strong release and needs your support. Remember when you play it say it.

There last track Ten Feet Tall was supported by Andy Durrant , Eric D Clark, BK Duke, Kiss Fm, Jazzy M, Kiss FM Ukraine, FG Radio and many more.


KPR 043

LcDoro&DaddyFelix - Hermano De la Calle EP

LcDoro & Daddy Felix are old school house junkies. There dream is to produce songs that will be recognized by all the dj house legends and clubbers. Well with this idea in there minds they came up with two proper house tracks. You can hear all the last twenty years of influences from all the different styles of Chicago, New York, and London. There choice of drums, funky horns and latin percussion work very well together. This is what they believe house should sound like. Karmic Power asks please for feedback and when you play it, Say It.

James Bratch

KPR 042

James Bratch - Bring It Down (The Remixes)

James Bratch is a new school house producer with a liking for the classic sounds of house music. His piano track is infectious and takes you over the moment you hear it.Happy Harry lends his hand on his remix with a srong driving piano that has now made it into a floor stomper. So start kicking your boots and get ready to get loose when you drop his mix. Lorenzo Perotta remix is in an intelligent sound, with heavy latin influence on the piano and perfect for the cool hipswingers, this should go down very well for your educated clubber. Karmic Power is very excited to release this House Gem so please support it and when you play say it out loud...

Carl Tregger

KPR 041

Carl Tregger - Reason

Carl Tregger is a newcomer to the game and his first release found its home on Karmic Power Records. Carl is a self-taught musician and his inspirations come from funk, garage house and pop rock. You can hear the influences of Garage House all over this production with the percussion and cool vibes that he has put together with all the special effects that make these kinds of tracks really cool to play out. Picture this a sweaty club on a late night and this track dropping and the crowd going crazy. This is the house sound that we all loved from back in the day and now it is back with revenge. So when you play it, say it and remember play it loud.

Jon Hater

KPR 040

Jon Hatter - Feel Alive

Jon Hatter who turned from Architect to Producer Dj overnight has churned out a house track that is hypnotizing and right for the time. The vocals are complete ecstasy with the underlining rolling bassline that will make your dance floor pulsate to new heights. This 90’s influenced driving track is so today with all the right drops and lifts that your dance floor will be asking for it in no time as this track starts to take a life of its own. Karmic Power delivers another stormer. So, when you Play It Say It and remember play it loud...

Marc Tasio

KPR 039

Marc Tasio - Come On

Marc's Club Mix is so funky and deep it is going to have people climaxing. It's a throwback to a moroderesque feel with the electronic basslines and arpeggiators. If you are a fan of this sound this will hit you like a ton of bricks and your dancers will love you for it. Marc is a club dj from Marseille and is passionate about music. He is self-taught and has learned by ear to play the keyboards. He has been involved in a lot of clubs and through his nights of playing has been able to adapt his techniques into his productions. 2013 was the year where the international tastemakers got a hold of his records and started to play them creating a buzz in the scene. Slapjack has been tapped to do the remix duties coming in with his own approach of deep funky beats. Watch out for the release on this one...

Terry Waites

KPR 038

Terry Waites - What I See

You know when you hear a very sexy track and it puts you in a different place. Well Dj Terry Waites has been able to transcend you to that place through What I See..The groove is sleak and it will keep your dancefloor moving all night long. Terry as an artist has been making a huge mark on the house music scene over the last 16 years and moved to Perth, Australia in the summer of 1997. He has made a name for himself playing at massive festivals and clubs around Australia, as well as touring to places such as Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and Thailand. More recently Terry has gone on to produce some massive house tracks and remixes for some of the industries top underground house music labels such as Greenhouse Recordings, Huhu Music and Flapjack. His tracks have all managed to get into the top 10 on all the major outlets for underground house (Stompy, Traxsource, Beatport) So “What I See” will not disappoint...


KPR 037

Shortwave - Ten Feet Tall

New York City meets the UK deep underground with this release from ShortWave. The Duo come from Kent England and have been able to lock down the deep soul sound with this house gem. The vocals are straight out of a steamy hot dark room where the grind is tight and bass is in your face. Shortwave aka Jak Wellard & Ben Humphrey are on the rise. 2014 has been a great start for Shortwave, but the future looks even brighter for the pair. Having ben able to secure dates with some of the country’s leading venues such as The EGG in London and Audio Brighton the pair only look to move onwards and upwards with their musical careers.

Lenny Fontana

KPR 036

Lenny Fontana - Feel It

After coming off the success of the Nervous Records release Believe...he then hits you with another soon to be club classic. His international success as a dj in dance music needs no introduction. Lenny is fusing 80's disco sounds with today’s banging beats. It is showing the effect just from all the tastemakers that are supporting his movement. Remember play it loud and say it loud.

Tolstoi & JJ Mullor

KPR 035

Tolstoi & JJ Mullor - Kind Of

This is what happens when you put together two heavy weight djs from two different countries and what comes out is one hell of a stomping track. JJ Mullor is in his own right has made a name for himself through all the clubs that he has graced in his home land Spain. He has all ready amassed a long list of remixes and productions for house labels from the USA To Europe. Tolstoi, one of the resident dj's of the famous Living Room Party in Cologne Germany is also been killing it,with all his releases this past year. Both of these guys combined have created pure magic together and we are privilege to introduce to the world this record.

Slap Jack

KPR 034

Slap Jack - People You Don´t Know

Slap Jack is a DJ producer from Louisiana who has found his influence from the early Chicago House Movement. This deep house song has an eire vocal and driving percussion with a deep piano, a throwback to the 1990's New York House scene. We believe it will become a dancefloor favourite amongst the international deep house community. DJ Marc Tasio from Marseille delivers a anthemic piano stormer remix with a groovy classic sound that your more educated clubber would be into. This is another strong release from the Karmic Power Lott.. Don’t sleep on this...


KPR 033

Soufian - Never

A new DJ Producer discovered by Karmic Power...the producer name is Soufian and he is from Berlin's Underground Scene. His first release on the label shows a deeper more moody style track, that is a real hip shaker. It has that funky deep house bassline pulsating on overload. This will have your dancefloor grooving and moving. When you play it Say It Soufian on Karmic Power Records

Lenny Fontana & Marcus Knight ...

KPR 032

Lenny Fontana & Marcus Knight feat. Carole Sylvan - I´m So High

NYC House legend Lenny Fontana (Defected Records, Strictly Rhythm and Melbourne’s Marcus Knight (Southern Fried Records/Bush) come together and create house magic with diva legendary vocalist Carole Sylvan. You may know Carole's distinct vocal sound from her past success with releases on King Street Records with Mood 2 Swing and Ministry of Sound Records with New York Producer DJ Louie Vega and Masters at Work. This is one of those combinations of where diva vocal and song meet head to head. Offered is some big house remixes from Germany’s Lissat and Voltaxx, and Greece's Alessandro Otiz.


KPR 031

HappyHarry - Soul Expression

If you believe in the saying that “House music is a spiritual thing then this is your record. It has a retro feel to that 90's house movement. happyharry is part of the new producers that is developing this back to the 1990's sound

James Bratch who is a dj producer remixer from The Channels Islands took happyharry’s classic vocal and laid it over a halucogenic piano riff. The drums are funky and the baseline is intoxicating. Don't sleep on this one…Remember when you play it say it loud...

Lenny Fontana & Lorenzo Perrotta

KPR 030

Lenny Fontana & Lorenzo Perrotta - You Got The Feeling

What happens when a hot track is created from two producers. “You Got The Feeling” is born. a club style classic reminiscent of a bygone era of the 1990’s with today’s touch. Lorenzo is a well accomplished Italian DJ Producer who loves the US House sound and wanted to recreate this with famed Producer DJ Lenny Fontana. They teamed up together for this release and created pure magic. Terrence Parker was called on to do the remix and needs no introduction to the Underground House Movement. His mix rubs the magic of what makes Terrence a legendary DJ Remixer…For the true house people they will eat this up. So please support and play it everywhere.

Daniele Sexxx feat. Paula P´Cay

KPR 029

Daniele Sexxx feat. Paula P´Cay - Lift Me Up

Lift Me Up is being played by DJ's who where serviced early on the Todd Terry's Remix and Lenny Fontana's Remix. The support on this gem has been overwhelming and we believe that this song has the makings of becoming a dance floor anthem. This is House Music at full effect. DJ Producer Daniel Sexx has been writing and producing house and hip hop since the 1990's with splendid success. With the help of Karmic Power he was able to team up with Romanian Born Vocalist Paula P'Cay from Berlin Germany. Paula has had commercial success with The Love Parade Anthem back in 1999 “Music Is The Key” Produced by Dr. Motte and Westbam. Her philosophy is, “Music is her life”, and she transports those strong feelings of Love and Happiness to the people through her vocal talent. So with “Lift Me Up” please play it loud and say it, so that the people can be lifted to whole other place. Thank You For Your Support on this...

Alyosha Barreiro Feat. Michael Sean..

KPR 028

Alyosha Barreiro feat. Michael Sean Harris - Set Me Free

Set Me Free, a deep house vocal song produced by DJ Alyosha Barreriro from Mexico. The song takes you on a musical journey with its deep latin tribal beats and classic rhodes sounds. It will become a future classic with dj music enthusiasts for sure. Alyosha is the Winner of the Award for "Best Electronic Music Artist" by the DCA´s and is very talented in his own right graduating from Berklee College of Music with honors, as deemed "All American Scholars". This is a prize given to the best student of each university in the USA. So Karmic Power Records introduces you now to the talented Producer DJ Alyosha Barreiro with his new track Set Me Free.

James Bratch

KPR 027

James Bratch - Bring It Down

James Bratch is a new school house producer with a liking for the classic sounds of house music. His piano track is infectious and takes you over the moment you hear the record drop. Karmic Power is excited to release this House Gem so please support it and when you play say it out loud...

Lorenzo Perrotta feat. Karmen Novko

KPR 026

Lorenzo Perrotta feat. Karmen Novko - Burning

Burning is one of those records that when played will burn your system to the ground and the people will come asking for it over and over. Lorenzo is a dance producer from Italy, who is known for proper house productions. He teamed up with vocalist Karmen Novko from Croatia and they came up with strong song Burning. So we ask “When You Play Say It Out Loud.”

Benji Of Sweden

KPR 024

Benji Of Sweden - Ibiza Summer

Here is a new floor stomping track coming out of the Karmic Power Records Stable from Producer DJ Benji of Sweden. Benji is a accomplished Radio and night club dj in his homeland of Sweden. This record he has signed to Karmic is handcrafted for the big open air clubs with its tribal beats and pulsating anthemic chords which will have clubbers fisting in the air. Play the track really loud in the club but even louder till you see red on your mixer. Remember Highs in your eyes and Bass in yo Face…

Lenny Fontana

KPR 023

Lenny Fontana - Free Standing

If Disco were alive today this would be a stomper…This houssey style groove that Lenny Fontana produced with Electronic style keyboards will pulsate strong from Ibiza to South Africa. Lenny Fontana is known in the past for producing huge dance classics and we must say that we believe this record may fall right into that same class and sure soon will be a classic. When you play it say it Karmic Power Records.


KPR 022

Elusiv3 - My Soul

My Soul is a throwback to the 1990's house music scene with its swinging drums, piano and beautiful vocal which will have you singing. Karmic Power's very own Lenny Fontana lends his hand with his remix that will have you twirling around the dancefloor. Elusive3 as a producer gets some of his inspiration from artists such as MK and Dusky. Elusive3 will be the one to watch in the next 24 months. Remember when you play it say it Karmic Power Records.

Dimo & Absolut Groovers

KPR 021

Dimo & Absolut Groovers

Dimo & Absolute Groove have teamed together to create a heavy pulsating groove with an infectious deep baseline that keeps you locked from beginning to end. Let It Go is a strong track for your dance floor and clubland will be dancing to it for months to come. Dimo has been working in Italy as a DJ since for more than 20 years and has played in various clubs such as Muretto, Etò, Home, Sound Beach, Papaya, Geographic, Gioia. So when you play it say it Karmic Power Records and Dimo and Absolute Groove...

Holy Deep

KPR 020

Holy Deep - Puma Punk

Holy Deep explores the mysteries of Puma Punku and the origins of House music from outer space. Inspired by the ancient megalithic structures, created this special e.p and take us to a journey throughout the most charming and unsolved mystery of nowadays.Great pads and natural sounds crafted with a phat bassline compose a unique Holy Deep style that will rock both your ears and your mind with their Ancient Deep & Tiwanaku lounge mixes.Included are the very deep Savvas mix, Lenny Fontana's mass appeal piano remix, Vinny Gruvhunter's peaktime floorfiller mix and Boyz Can Play darker vision of the project.

Ben Afshar

KPR 019

Ben Afshar - Don´t Push Me

Behnam Behzadafshar You may know him as Ben Afshar a.k.a BenBen a Producer & very skilled Dj. Ben has been producing music since 2002 and started to dj in 2009. His new production Don't Push Me is intertwined with silky and sexy deep beats for a climax that will keep you locked on his sound. So when you play it say it.

Rhythm Staircase

KPR 018

Rhythm Staircase - Hey B

Rhythm Staircase is the production team of MAURICE P (Maurizio Porcaro) and STEFANO RICCARDI hailing from the city of Napoli Italy. They are best known for producing house and deep house. They put together a hot track that will keep dance floor asking for more. The remix comes from US producer Israel Lugo known as Another Excuse. The remix has the flavours of the filtering house sound that was famous in the 90’s but very tuff for today. Check it out.

Lenny Fontana

KPR 017

Lenny Fontana - Wickey

New York House Music Legend Lenny Fontana brings us right to good ole retro house music. For all you party people that's Wickey!!! The perfect track to drive on a hot summer night with your convertible down. Please say it when you play it..WICKEY!!!!!

Lenny Fontana

KPR 016

Lenny Fontana - Pay The Price

Lenny Fontana is bang on the money this time around with his brand new single "Pay the Price".A thumping rhythmic workout for the dancefloor with a feeling reminiscent of old school Prince. Mixes in the bag already are the Original and Instrumental both which show off an infectious brass builds with a great vocal throughout on the Original Mix and some great drum selections so you’re sure to get your money's worth. Make sure you check out "Pay the Price" at all costs!!

Mikks Tape Feat. Luke Anderz

KPR 015

Mikks Tape Feat. Luke Anderz

Karmic Power Records release the hot new single "Love Supreme" by Mikks Tape featuring Luke Anders. The single combines deep, classic house with uplifting vocals, old school synths and explosive piano riffs. Mikks Tape are two DJ's, producers, singers and songwriters, Danny Technici and James Weston who met back in the late 90’s as DJs on the Birmingham underground club scene. As well as DJ'ing James brings his own vocal talents to Mikks Tape's "Love Supreme". Check out the Mikks Tape with the Original Mix and the Instrumental Mix now!!

Lenny Fontana

KPR 014

Lenny Fontana - Oh Baby Baby

Back once again is the master of prolific power house himself Lenny Fontana with his brand new club teaser "Oh Baby Baby"; following hot on the heels of his smash "I Don't Want You Back". "Oh Baby Baby" comes with the Original Club Mix which offers a driving, uplifting, happy house romp with an infectious singalong feel which is guaranteed to have the dancefloor poppin' until the break of dawn.

Jack Shakes

KPR 013

Jack Shakes - Only You

Karmic Power Records have signed up Nottingham born producer Jack Shakes who has teamed up with soulful vocalist Yazmin to bring you a future summer sizzler 'Only You'. Taking influences from UK garage and bassline house, this piano, vocal and bass heavy track is bringing good vibes back to the dance floor. With an epic Original Mix and a monster of a mix from Lenny Fontana. Keep your eyes peeled for a lot more to come from Jack Shakes in 2014.

Another Excuse

KPR 012

Another Excuse - Want Your Love

Another Excuse is the brain-child of 20-year-old American producer Israel Lugo, who serves up "Want Your Love" a mouth-watering offering of disco house music to the table of fresh new producers. Another Excuse started his musical journey producing hip-hop for local rappers from Houston, Texas at the age of 15. During his time producing hip-hop, Another Excuse used some of his production and mixing skills to play around in the house music genre. However, it was not until two years later, still aged only 17, that he became fully focused on producing house music. Although still so very young Another Excuse is extremely passionate about his music and of what the future holds.

Lenny Fontana

KPR 011

Lenny Fontana feat. Keva The Diva - I Don’t Want You Back

Licensed to Vamos Music

New York Legend, Lenny Fontana is one of these artists who had the privilege to sign on Defected, Strictly Rhythm… Lenny joins Vamos Music with this fantastic House track featuring Keva The Diva with a strong remix pack incl remixes from Richard Grey, Marcus Knight, Daniele Sexxx and Funkerman!!!

Loris Conte

KPR 010

Loris Conte - Iron City

Iron City is the new single from Italian DJ and producer Loris Conte. An epic instrumental city soundscape which takes you on an eight-minute-deep and dark club-fuelled journey into the underbelly of "Iron City". Loris fell in love with music at an early age, becoming a DJ at the age of 17 (in 1993) in his home town of Puglia in Italy, playing mainly Soul, Funk, Disco and House music. He loves to play tracks on vinyl and has amassed an extensive collection over the years. A purveyor of the drum machines and everything old-school related, even though he always keeps an eye on everything modern technology has to offer. "Johnny Black" is the pseudonym for his 70s/80s Disco-Inspired projects. “Bruce Wav” is the one for deep house and lounge music projects, and, last but not least, “Real Soul” for Soulful productions.

Lenny Fontana

KPR 009

Lenny Fontana - We The People

Lenny Fontana returns to the forefront with a hot new bouncy house groove fresh for 2014. "We Are People" is a catchy cut-up vocal outing with Lenny lending the legendary old school vibes to his Original Mix. Another hot on release from Lenny Fontana's own fast-growing and ever-expanding Karmic Power Records. In 2013 Lenny teamed up with Salt 'N' Pepa's Tour DJ, DJ Dee Wiz on his first single on the label “Music Makes You Wanna” followed by “Everybody Put Your Hands Up”and the upcoming “I Don't Want You Back” with remixes from Marshall Jefferson, Samir Maslo, Funkerman, Richard Grey, and Gary Caos. The vision of Karmic Power Records is to release high quality dance music and "We Are People" is certainly no exception to the rule.

Mass Digital

KPR 008

Mass Digital - Feed Me With Your Love

Mass Digital joins Karmic Power Records for the release of his brand new single "Feed Me With Your Love". A deep house journey infused with a beautiful Robin S like vocal. With original mixes from Mass Digital and remixes from Dutch masters Block & Crown. Mass Digital is in-demand Serbian producer and DJ Boris Mijolic with an overriding love for electronic music and a talent and passion for house and techno. Mass Digital is making huge waves in the underground house and techno scene and in the past few months has had releases signed to Toolroom, Nervous, Tiger, King Street Sounds, Sincopat, WetYourSelf!, Dialtone, Love Not Money, Louder Music, Stranjjur, I Records, Lapsus Music, Two Birds, Headset, Yellow Tail, Nightbird, Treibjagd, U6 Schallplatten, Vapour, Audio Tonic, the legendary Nervous Records and more. Boris has created a new alias "SunsetDistrict", which will focus only on the deep house / nu disco sound. With Mass Digital performances at Europe's biggest Exit festival watch this space as Mass Digital's horizon is expanding in 2014 as his tracks continue to inspire and ignite dancefloors worldwide.

Alessandro Otiz

KPR 007

Alessandro Otiz - Just Be My Self

Hot for 2014 is the new Deep Vocal House infectious groover "Just Be My Self" by Greek DJ, Producer Alessandro Otiz. This driving dance floor anthem comes with a great set of remixes courtesy of Reza - whose thrown in the kitchen sink on his massive mix which includes great basslines, top percussion, cowbells, big rises and disco-stabs a plenty to give it that full-on Saturday night party feel with his great use of the beautiful female vocal; also Lenny Fontana has stepped up to the plate again with a massive helping of contagious Big Room Feelgood House; not forgetting the Original Mix from Alessandro Otiz himself. Guaranteed to spread love across dancefloors from here to Kingdom Come!! Expect big things from this massive crowd pleaser.

D' Luxe

KPR 006

D' Luxe -

"Bitch Please!" is the brand new sexy club workout from Russian DJ and producer - D' Luxe. Famous in his native Russia as a DJ in a long list of famous clubs and as a producer with an unique mix of music styles; combing slick breaks, vocals and electro bass beats. D'Luxe has already had many releases under his belt from the the likes of Only The Best Records (Italy), TILE Records (Japan), Progrezo Records (Brazil), Konzept Records (Brazil), Sound Breaks Reсords (Spain), Music Dark Records (Spain) and Audio Killers Records. Now D'Luxe has joined Lenny Fontana's ever expanding international Karmic Power Records team with a hot, sexy winter warmer. Dancefloor's across the world will soon be heard shouting "Bitch Please!"



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