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Reza Golroo

KPR 150

Reza Golroo - Break Down

We are happy to release our commemorative 150th Release with no other than producer Reza Golroo. Breakdown is a stomping pumped up strong vocal track. Reza Golroo is becoming a house hold name in the Karmic Power Camp and here he shows it with this strong release.


KPR 149

Queemose - Night Elements

NIGHT ELEMENTS is a feel good throwback to the early 1990’s New York house sound. With its quirky keyboard sounds and driving bass, you will find that it will work very well on the dance floor.

Boyz 'n' da Noize Vs. Rochembach

KPR 148

Boyz 'n' da Noize Vs. Rochembach

Here is a sleek production with cool futuristic keyboard sounds. It has a very catchy easy vocal to keep you locked into the groove. Total Dancefloor approved and ready for your set.

Jason B

KPR 147

Jason B - Do U Remember

Here you have this Happy House Sound with that old school style Detroit lick from a throwback era. Do U Remember is that house sound that will rock your spot. Jason B is a fresh new talent. Be on the lookout for this guy next moves.

Richard Campbell

KPR 146

Richard Campbell - Strings And Things

Richard Campbell a teacher, a Dj, and accomplished music producer comes to Karmic Power Records with a strong Classical Style House piece using heavy string and orchestra hits to delight your dancers. Full power sound from beginning to end. Strings and Things will be in your USB in months to come.


KPR 145

Sekondo - Keytar

Sekondo is a brand new house act from Dublin that Karmic Power Records are proud to have signed. Keytar a house favorite with some of the international dj’s and is already taking off.. Top notch production from this team.

Tigers Project

KPR 144

Tigers Project - Bet

Karmic Power Records NYC would like to present the signing of Tigers Project. They are an Italian House duo of Dj Producers composed by Max Komodo and Lamon T. Their working career together started three years ago and the styles that they make range from progressive, house, and deep house. We hope you like the track that was produced by this young team. We stand behind them and can see huge success in the upcoming years to follow. So your support on this is very special to all of us.

Fluxkid feat. Lisa B

KPR 143

Fluxkid feat. Lisa B - Lay Your Love

Fluxkid returns with a big smash. There is no stopping that rocking and here he has proven now that he can knock out home runs and this song is a Full Grand slam. Quality production with a great song all in one. Already huge support around the world on this one and we hope that we can receive your trusted support on this Wonderful Record.


KPR 142

FunkyOne - Be Stronger

Funky One has presented a jacking feel good piano track with a sultry pretty top vocalist. Be Stronger is that song that has that throw back appeal to an earlier time in house music. It would of heated up a Chicago dance floor back then and even today. DJ’s and clubbers are seeking this sound as it has found its way back in the mainstream clubs. Its a hot track and needs all your support. One Love, One House, One Music, Karmic Power NYC!

Andrea Roberto

KPR 141

Andrea Roberto - October 12th

We have the pleasure to announce Italian Radio Mix DJ Andrea Roberto with his new track titled October 12th. A jacking old school house sound with a twist of today. The real house sound of the 90’s is back with this gem.

Reza Golroo

KPR 090R1

Reza Golroo - Heartbeat

Reza Golroo Heartbeat has been tuffed up and retreated by remixers Soheil and Javith. Soheil's Jacking Vibe version is on the tech tip with its darker beat and harder choice of instruments. This will be a must for Dj’s looking for that tougher darker side for there dance floor. Soheil's Dark Heart version is that progressive big pulsating floor stomper that just does not stop, it pushes along and as well has that very dark signature sound that he is know for. Soheil's remix is perfect for those electronic house nights. Javith Remix is more underground which boards more on the traditional house sound, his remix will appeal to the mainstream house dj’s. We feel there is something here for all who are into house music.

New Jersey Hustlers feat. Wendy Jane Satchell

KPR 140

New Jersey Hustlers feat. Wendy Jane Satchell - Love In The City

New Jersey Hustlers get down with this track straight out of the deep lower east side. You can see this track going down well with all the spinners around the world who are supporting this old school 1990’s sound. The vocalist Wendy Jane Satchell with her sweet sultry sound keeps love floating through the airwaves.

DJ Boyko feat. Ursula

KPR 139

DJ Boyko feat. Ursula - Ye Beshia Tina Yie

DJ Boyko produces this deep track with a stunning piano and a dreamy pad floating in and out. A well put together musical journey into yesterday sounds combining today?s feel with it musical landscapes that make the listener stay tuned in. The vocalist Ursula adds the perfect fitting touch to top of the track with her classy sounding vocal. This diverse release is already being championed by underground dj?s. Thank you for your support on this awesome release.

Twism & B3rao & Wayne Dudley...

KPR 138

Twism & B3rao & Wayne Dudley feat. Tommy Cotton - Want This

This track makes you feel like you are listening to Miami’s Murk Boys in the 1990’s, but moving forward into today you learn that it is Twism & B3rao & Wayne Dudley. This New Jersey, New York Deep influenced track with its hands in the air feel is a floor rocker with Diva Power Vocalist Tommie Cotton rocking the lead. This production team has raised the bar with this record and we expect big things from them. One House, One Love, One Music, Karmic Power Records… 

Bruno Kauffmann feat. Bibi Provence

KPR 137

Bruno Kauffmann feat. Bibi Provence - Whaaz Happening

Bruno gets down and dirty with Deep Soul Sista Vocalist Bibi Provence on this track called Whaaz Happening. The track borders on that deeper shade of house with its  electronic infused bass line, which happens to be very simple, catchy, and straight to the point.  Bruno Kauffman has been Dj’ing in the French scene since 1983. He has a lot of experience playing to a crowd and has a lot of background in producing and remixing. The list of records is long that he has worked on in both production and remixing.  We at Karmic Power are very proud to have these two with us and your support is very special to us.

DJ Wope

KPR 136

DJ Wope - Work It Out

Karmic Power Records would like to introduce Dj Wope. He comes from Venezuela and is a big part of that scene. Here he produced a swinging tribal production called Work It Out. A total peak of the night record to get your crowd hot and sweaty. If you are into Tribal style house this records fits you. It has all the ingredients. One Love, One House, One Music, Karmic Power Records!

Miguel Yobless

KPR 135

Miguel Yobless - Hold On To My Love

Miguel Yobless the Producer DJ who was born in The Hague, Netherlands started his career as a DJ playing in the 1980’s with Disco, soul, and funky tracks. Here in his production Hold On To My Love you can hear those vibes of the 1970’s with the heavy phased Rhodes sound and the pulsating bass sound. The drums are jacking and strong. We believe that this track will become a sure fire classic in years to come.

Lenny Fontana & D-Train

KPR 066R2

Lenny Fontana & D-Train - Raise Your Hands

Lenny Fontana, DJ-Producer and one of the truest legends of House music through from the 90´s to today, brings you his latest wizardry, as he join forces with another globally famous dance music name, one James D-Train Williams!

"Raise Your Hands" has already been supported by David Morales, Louis Vega, Kenny Carpenter, Eric Kupper, Hex Hector, John Morales, Steve Silk Hurley, Roy Davis Jr., Ron Carroll, Benji Candelario, Robert Owens, Terrence Parker, Victor Simonelli, Hector Romero & DJ Spen, to name but a few key DJ's. The hype started in Miami at the Legendary Winter Music Conference 2015 at the Three Kings Party and it didn’t stop there. Raise Your Hands has also conquered the UK Music Week Chart over the past summer with 9 solid weeks in the Music Week Upfront Club Chart.

Karmic Power has already mailed some huge new remixes from the legendary DJ David Morales (USA), Ridney (UK) and PachangaStorm & Oliver Deuerling (Germany) & now they bring you three EXCLUSIVE new UK remixes HOUSE OF VIRUS / MARC BAIGENT & ELEMENT Z / JON CAGE.


KPR 134

Stefek - Hit Me

Stefek from France has now become a household name on the Karmic Power Roster. Here he bats strong with this release called Hit Me. A classy house affair with congas, a driving bass line and a solid mix. It is a true dancers in every way. Your support on this is very important to us. One Love One House…

Bart Gori

KPR 133

Bart Gori - Step To You Baby

Bart Gori produces a dance gem called Step To You Baby. If has that feeling of making you side step out of bounds on the dance floor when you hear it. The Strings and the vocal are so intoxicating in this throw back discotecish style track. Old School Piano and simple driving drums are the prescription for any clubber or house dj worldwide. A must have for when programming a set for a solid house music audience. 

M. Rodriguez & Filipe Neves

KPR 132

M. Rodriguez & Filipe Neves - Time I Give You

Karmic Power presents Portugal based M.Rodriguez who has been constantly looking for new grooves and exciting frequencies to play and experiment with. His search has led him to a journey beyond borders and cities, beyond language and symbols.  A journey where music and ideas are the only passport one needs in order to experience true feelings, unconditional passion, and the power of suggestion.  Filipe Neves joins M. Rodriguez and together they come up with a classic house jam that will be played for a long time to come. One Love One House...


KPR 131

3MOR - Pyramid

3MOR WHOSE real name IS Casian Alexandru Grigore, is a dance music producer and DJ from Romania. He is currently based in England. 3MOR is a high caliber young Dj Producer who has found that House Music is his style. Here he produces a track called Pyramid which has a musical flare to it. Strong beats, big breakdowns and a horny hook it will keep you locked into it. We think that 3MOR style will translate well with the new and old who are in house music.

Gino Love

KPR 130

Gino Love - Fundamental

Fundamental is that track that you would of heard when the Soundfactory was open in its early days. Sometimes we find that throwback sound is the way to the future and here at Karmic Power we are glad it is back. Gino Love a New York Dj Producer from originally the Ukraine has made his mark in the industry as a dj that has championed house and deep Garage music. We are getting huge early support on this one and we hope you can support this as well. One Love One House Karmic Power Records.

Craig & Grant Gordon

KPR 129

Craig & Grant Gordon - Time

Craig And Grant Gordon rocked the DiskoTech with this joint called Time. A strong workout that will keep your dance floor moving as the dreamy sounds pass over the speakers. Old School house sounds fused with today's driving beats a winning combination by this house duo. We believe this will be in your sets for a while to come. One Love One House One Music Karmic Power Records.

Mike Mac & Mark Dickson

KPR 128

Mike Mac & Mark Dickson - Moving On

This track is where Sexy is alright to be Classy. A Production put together by Mike Mac and Mark Dickson. Here they are using Deep Rhodes Piano and smooth drums to the core with a voice that is so beautiful sounds like a bird. Hearing this track makes you feel like you are hearing Mariah Carey. We are proud to introduce this song and the production duo from the Karmic Power Family. We hope you will agree and support this classy record. One Love One House…


KPR 127

Toldrek - Deep Sensation

Deep Sensation is the track from Dj production team Giorgio Bosso and Nicola Incarnato, aka Toldrek. The two producers are both from Napoli Italy and started to make house music when they were about 15 years old. There sound is a throwback to the Italian Piano house era with a new fresh approach using high energy Horns, Guitars, and a catchy vocal hook. Be on the lookout for this new talented team in the upcoming months. One Love One House.


KPR 126

Luar - Le Mond

This track is the brainchild of DJ Producer Fiazo Vas who was borne in the Amazonian Forest in Brazil. You can hear him fusing that South American deep bass sound. With the European house sound. The track has shuffled drums and a driving feel that will keep your clubbers pulsating. This is most definitely a peak night record. Your Support is important to us. When you play it say it Loud.

Gino Love

KPR 125

Mike Mac & Mark Dickson - It Was So

Again we have Gino Love coming back strong with another top track for Karmic Power. He ventures right back to that New York House Sound. This production has great vocals for today’s dancers. When listening to it you would swear it was a 1990’s feel with those tantalizing rhodes chords and lazy bass line. Gino is one of those dj producers that you can count on to make time testing tracks that will soon become classics.

Adrian Zack & Undiscovered Girl

KPR 124

Adrian Zack & Undiscovered Girl- Just Be A Queen

Just Be A Queen is that deeper electronic fused sound that is heard in all the European House Clubs. The track fuses those deep beats that will keep your crowd excited. Adrian was Born in Rijeka in Croatia in 1976, and began his artistic career as a resident DJ at the Churn of Madonna di Campiglio in 1993. He played the Churn and Des Alpes in M.di Campiglio, the Leeward and Pepero in Porto Cervo Hollywood, Tocqueville and Nepentaha in Milan, Joia and Cinderella of Reggio Emilia, Modena Snoopy, the Matis in Bologna and Yab in Florence and many other places. In 2003, he moved into the Adriatic Riviera and worked first at Villa Papeete M.Marittima and after the famous Prince and Byblos in Rimini which lead to Pacha Riccione, where he became the resident DJ since 2005.


KPR 123

Ciskoman - Dubbin The Light

Ciskoman delivers us a retro old school joint. Early New Jersey Deep House. You can hear that dark bass line with top glassy chords and pitched filtered vocals. Perfect for that sweaty dark dance floor.  This is what we call a throwback to the future. This is the sound is that you are hearing from all the house DJ’s around the world and we hope you can support Ciskoman with his release. When you play it - say it loud.

Thank God House Music Is Back Vol.4

KPR 122

Various Artists - Thank God House Music Is Back Vol.4

Well here it is Vol 4 with some strong end of summer bangers for your listening pleasure. Included here is Beat Amusement with Body Bang. Super DJ Producer Benji of Sweden produces a hands in the air anthem named Ibiza Summer. From Karmic Power Records Head Honcho Dj Lenny Fontana’s produced this classic sound called Everybody Put Your Hands Up, which gets a strong work over from house producer Dj Samir Maslo. To finally wrap things up Mikks Tape Feat Luke Anderz Love Supreme is just that kind of track to finish out this compilation. Please enjoy and play it loud.

Paul Hutchinson & LYP Feat. Fil...

KPR 121

Paul Hutchinson & LYP Feat. Fil Straughan - I Pray

UK Producer Dj Paul Hutchinson needs no introduction. His career begins in 1988 just as house music began its early beginnings. As a dj, he is well rounded and well respected. The track he produced and collaborated with LYP is a New York throwback style to the early Strictly Rhythm, Nervous Records sound with its traditional house 4 to the floor sound with a deep in Heights of Brooklyn baseline sound. The vocal stylings are layed down from a class vocalist Fil Straughan who is in his own right is a powerful vocalist, prolific songwriter and versatile entertainer who can sing, act, dance and write. This team together is a slammer and we ask for your full support on this.


KPR 120

Kalix - I Can´t

Superb house producer Kalix follows up with another strong release for the hot House Label Karmic Power Records. This body rocking Chicago Infused Jacking style track will make your dance floor pulsate. With summer coming to an end this track should help keep the fire hot on the dance floor. When you play it loud say it proud. Karmic Power Records….. One Love, One House, One Family.

Thank God House Music Is Back Vol.3

KPR 119

Various Artists - Thank God House Music Is Back Vol.3 ADE 2015 - compiled & mixed by RICH MORE

Dj RICH MORE Italian Record Producer Dj and Remixer fuses with Karmic Power to mix the Thank God House Music Is Back Vol 3. This compilation is geared towards the successful Amsterdam Dance Music Event 2015. RICH MORE picks class stunning house gems from the catalogue of Karmic Power with remixes and productions from ATFC, Lissat & Voltaxx, Lenny Fontana, Another Excuse, RICH MORE and many more.


KPR 118

RICH MORE - Monte Carlo Deep

Here is one of those Disco stomping style house tracks with that sidechaning feel that gives it that French Happy House sound. Total stomper for the dance floor with a catchy vocal. RICH MORE is a longtime dj, producer and remixer. He has played all over Europe and has done successful remixes for Tradelove, Sam Obernik, David Jones, Peter Brown, Marga Sol, Triple X, Graham Sahara, Trend Monster and many more. We are proud to have this single on Karmic Power and we ask for your continuous support. One Love, One House… When You Play It Loud Say It Proud… 

Andrew Greatorex

KPR 117

Andrew Greatorex - Better Days

Andrew Greatorex joins the Karmic Power family of superstar producers with his hot release called Better Days. This track has that bumpy house quirky organ sound with summer daze style vocals and nice beats perfect for the beach house sets. This package comes with a Tech House mix for those darker and harder moments and something that Karmic is not known for but appreciates a breaks mix for that alternate set. Full support on this is needed and please play our records real loud. 

Lenny Fontana feat. Tommy Rando

KPR 116

Lenny Fontana feat. Tommy Rando - Hope for The World

This is one of those fined tuned tracks where House music meets Reggae Soul. This is a true collaboration with Vocalist songwriter Tommy Rando, who’s background is from blues soul. He is based in Melbourne Australia and here he teams up with New York City Dj Record Producer Lenny Fontana. Lenny comes with the proper house vibes and heavy drums. The song is written about the human uncertainty in the present world, relating to War, Terror, Global Warming and Economy. We all need to project hope for our future generations and we need to encourage love, peace and positivity. Through this song we hope there can be positive changes in our world. We can only pray for now and we only ask that you support and play the hell out of it. Love to all of you.

Diamond Skin Snakes feat. Zebra Man

KPR 115

Diamond Skin Snakes feat. Zebra Man - The Crime Of It Is…

Artist Diamond Skin Snakes has signed with New York based Karmic Power Records, to release his debut single entitled, "The Crime Of It Is"Featuring production by Diamond Skin Snakes with artist ZEBRA/MAN on vocals, the track is a banging Deep House mix containing all of the right ingredients. Diamond Skin Snakes is a Los Angeles based Producer/DJ whose music career started early in his life. His influences span the entire spectrum from Rock to Latin Jazz. So when you play it… Say it! Karmic Power Records!

Thank God House Music Is Back Vol.2

KPR 114

Various Artists - Thank God House Music Is Back Vol.2

Here is the second installment to the compilation series that has been well received in the industry and the general public. Choice classic house tracks have been compiled to make this another package that is needed for your collection.


KPR 113

Flauschig - Realize

When the Karmic team heard the name of the production team called Flauschig they went and looked up the definition in English. It´s meaning is fluffy, “Fluffy Music For The Soul”. This record is exactly that a dreamy piano with a memorable vocal top line. It has the Beach House feel written all over it. The Fracture Remix is darker and has pitch shifted vocals and deep dark baseline that will pulsate the dance floor. It´s a top package.


KPR 112

Duplex - You Got Me Thinking

We are proud to announce that we signed the new track from the duo called Duplex. You Got Me Thinking has that classic Stonebridge style Organ bassline made famous in Robin S Show Me Love. Here they use the same type of classic production style and pull all the stops out to give that retro sound a new twist for today´s club scene. On the remix tip Divimass take it to that Tech Style for those late night sets. A top package with strong mixes.

Ciskoman - Circle

KPR 111

Ciskoman - Circle

Ciskoman the producer who’s real name is Francesco Cardamone. He is from Northern Italy and a high caliber dj, who has produced for a string of well known dance labels. Here he produces a bumping style groovy house dubstyle track that is very catchy. He is also responsible for producing three big Italian Retro Dance compilations and remixing some of the big italian pop starts under his pseudo name “The Dogmaphia. He has had success on the charts in Europe and UK and he is no stranger to creating big dance floor classics.

Gino Love

KPR 110

Gino Love - Lonely World

Gino Love a New York Dj Producer from originally the Ukraine has made his mark in the industry as a dj that has championed house and deep Garage music.  Gino debuts his long production skills with this gem called Lonely World. He uses the strings to create emotion with a rolling bass and that four to floor house beat that pulsates. It´s Crisp and its now this track has dance floor filler all over it. 

Geo Kap

KPR 109

Geo Kap - Mind Blow

Geo Kap a club dj from Greece is debuting his new sound on Karmic Power with a groovy instrumental house record. His styles are a bit of a mixture of tech house, Deep, and Progressive. There is a lot of promise coming from this new producer Geo, he is going to be a producer to watch in the upcoming years.

Lenny Fontana feat. Paula P´Cay

KPR 108

Lenny Fontana feat. Paula P´Cay - On My Own

After a huge success with D-Train´s "Raise Your Hands" Lenny Fontana returns once again with a strong vocal house track with Berlin based vocalist Paula P´Cay.

Francesco Cofano from Italy has done his signature classic remix for the true house heads and as where Marc Tasio Remix is a mix ready for the dance floor. This record is set to do the business.


KPR 107

Kalix - Follow Me

Kalix the London based Dj producer comes with his second release on Karmic Power now proving that he can come once again follow up with another strong powerful track. This dub style song has driving beats and cut up pitch shifted vocals for that new jacking house style. He is also a world globe trotter dj, and because of him playing all over the world he has been able to marry some of the styles that influence him and you can hear it in his productions. So now we ask for you to Follow Kalix and Support this monster track.


KPR 106

Fluxkid - Don´t Lie 2 Me

Fluxkid is a dj producer from Warsaw Poland. Don’t Lie 2 Me is that steaming hot track with elements of tech sounds that are now becoming the new face and sound of house music. The female vocal is pulsating and she sings with strong conviction to make you believe in her message. One thing is for sure this record is no lie it will deliver the goods when you play it on your dance floor. Strong support early on this one.

Carmelo Carone

KPR 105

Carmelo Carone - Fascinated

Carmelo Carone the producer dj who hails from Milano Italy is back at it again for Karmic Power. After two successful records it would be the logical thing to keep this musical affair going. Carmelo is showing on this release he can be very trendy with his pitch manipulation of the vocals and putting together very strong crafty analog sounds that work well for today's dance floor. This track is very catchy and it will have you reaching for the sky.

Mr. Mix

KPR 104

Mr. Mix - Take A Risk

Tech house producer Mr Mix from Bulgaria produces this sultry killer vocal house track. The Angelic sound of the vocalist and the hard beats make a great combination for any dj set. Mix sounds are full of solid rhythms, groovy bass, percussion and strong analog sounds. His first track was released on LD Records back in 2007. He has produced songs for JDDS Records, Ring Mode Records, and now for Karmic Power Records. Enjoy Take A Risk, I don’t think you will be sorry.

Divimass feat. Mefy

KPR 103

Divimass feat. Mefy - Attitude

This is a song when you hear it you think wow this is an anthem. "Anthemic" or anthem is a word used in dance music when a record is meant to be that one powerful tune, that makes the people go wild and want more, well this is it. Divimass the production team from Italy created from the union of two friends with the same passion for music. Each one have a different musical background but together make a magical team. Uk team Duplex from the UK are on remix duties and totally take it to that cool deep funky groove with a cool melody and cut up vocals. This will not dissapoint and support this one.

Thank God House Music Is Back Vol.1

KPR 102

Various Artists - Thank God House Music Is Back Vol.1

This strong mini album is set to light up festivals and clubs around the world. Thank God House Music Is Really Back and to commence this moment, we picked some of our hottest tracks from the beginning of Karmic Power Records. Here are the four tracks for your enjoyment. Another Excuse "Want Your Love," House Of Virus & Marshall Jefferson feat Soliaris "Believe in Love," Lenny Fontana Presents Dee Wiz & Universal Sounds Band "Music Makes Your Wanna", and Loris Conte "Iron City."


KPR 101

Fracture - Deep Down

The 1990's house sound has returned and it is back full on. This strong track coming from the Karmic Power Camp called Deep Down is produced by Matt James aka Fracture. The remix comes courtesy by Germany's Flauschig and it is blinding. It has that peak night sound all over it. If you are into this type of groove this will help bring your dance floor to a frenzy with the strong electronic chords and banging beats. Once again Karmic delivers the goods to you.

Lenny Fontana

KPR 100

Lenny Fontana - I Get A Good Feeling

With Independence Day in the USA just passed its very significant to bring to your attention that the superb Karmic Power Records are just about to unleash their 100th release. A century of the best House music productions to come from one label with their feet firmly on the best dancefloors and their music all over world radio as they set the pace with an independent force for others to follow.

The 100th release is "Lenny Fontana "I Get A Good Feeling" - which in itself is exactly how we feel every time a new Karmic Power tune is on its way. The key to a great label is trusting their music blindly, like in the record store day's buying 12's from certain labels without even hearing them because you knew they were going to be perfect. That's where Karmic Power Records are with Lenny and Manuel relentless in their pursuit of excellence.

Four mixes of KPR 100 from Lenny coming live and direct to Ibiza plus every dance floor where the young House music lovers are enjoying their summer with three months ahead of us of major parties - can't help it "I Get A Good Feeling" for the next 100 releases from this prolific label. Bravo Karmic !

Karmic Power - Best Remixes Vol. 3

KPR 099

Various Artists - Karmic Power - Best Remixes Vol. 3

With the success of the first two volumes, here at Karmic Power we felt that Volume 3 should be offered. Here you have some of the best remixers in the dance music business producing some great records for your sets. We have legendary Todd Terry from NYC, Lorenzo Perrotta, Block and Crown and James Bratch on the remix duties. We hope that you enjoy this remix package. Karmic Power promises to keep the momentum going with releasing strong records.

Stefano Cioffi & Max Di Matteo

KPR 098

Stefano Cioffi & Max Di Matteo - Violin The Future

House Music is again the time and the place. Stefano Cioffi and Max Di Matteo produce a hot house tune called Violin the Future. It is a bouncy track with a rolling bass line and very pronounced strings. There experience of playing in Italy has made them design the record for that open big dance floor. People’s hand raised and screaming to breaks is what this record is all about. A real crowd pleaser..Play it all summer long and it will surely be that go to track in your bag.

DJ Demo Coppola

KPR 097

DJ Demo Coppola - Paris In Love

When you reach into the deepest underground sounds of New York City this is what you hear, "Paris In Love." Dj Demo Coppola from Napoli Italy out did himself with this horny and funky gem. The vocals are intoxicating and it has that throw back to the early house period of the 1990’s. If you are into that sound this is going to rock your world. Full support is always a blessing and here at Karmic Power Records we stand behind what release.

DJ Alexia Feat. Andrew D.

KPR 096

DJ Alexia Feat. Andrew D. - To The Funky Song

International house sensation Dj Alexia rocks us with a deep disco track from the depths of Odyssey 2001… The vocal is crazy with a great strong beat and amazing strings that will keep the people locked into the frenzyness. “To The Funky Song” has heat and summer written all over it. So please play it loud and say it loud, Karmic Power..

Luis Martinez (US)

KPR 095

Luis Martinez (US) - Don´t Change

Underground House music sometimes find a place where it can be real sexy sounding. Dj and record producer Luis Martinez (US) gets that balance right with top shelf vocalist Lee Jones on the lead. The track is an old school feel to that Jersey Deep sound from back in the day with a new school twist. If you are into proper house music then this track is right for you. When you play it loud say it loud Karmic Power...

Ray Sam

KPR 094

Ray Sam - Don't Leave

Here we have a much darker and deeper house offering coming from Lebanese born record producer DJ Ray Sam. - Don´t Leave is exactly that. Once you hear it you will not walk off the dance floor. It has that pulsating energetic drum track that is perfect for your sets to keep the energy flowing.


KPR 093

facettes - Get Down

Karmic Power signs producer / dj’s named facettes. It is a musical collaboration between two longtime French friends Ben G from Strasbourg France and Klassix from Paris. Klassix resides currently in New Zealand and the two have been able to collaborate through the internet. “Get Down” is a hot underground piece with a airy style female vocal, orchestral strings and a catchy hook phrase. Both producers are longtime dj’s and understand what it takes to produce the right sound for the dance floor and together are a powerful production team. You can hear that there influences come from US and European House Music. So when you play it say it……Karmic Power Records!

Jerk In The Box

KPR 092

Jerk In The Box - Sugar

Oh my Napoli and Milano are taking over the house world and there is a reason why.. Jerk In The Box.. the two producers dj’s Fernando Opera and Luca Onere. The vocals are a very happy summer sound for the Mediterranean beach clubs and discos. Fernando and Luca wanted Legend House DJ Producer Lenny Fontana to do the remix. Here Lenny lays down a funky bassline that is real catchy and right for those funky dance floors. Once again this package proves to be a hot house release for Karmic Power Records.

Sudad G feat. Liah Walker

KPR 091

Sudad G feat. Liah Walker - Show Me Some Respect

House Music is making its way back into the hearts and lives of the people once again. Sudad G a German Born Dj producer here teams up with vocalist Liah Walker to create a hip shaker track that will work on dance floors worldwide. Liah is a enthusiastic and vociferous greeting to dance music and her voice stands out. The combination of the two is really hot and we believe that this will get the respect it deserves.

Reza Golroo

KPR 090

Reza Golroo - Heartbeat

The deeper sound of house meets the European style of house. Dark and lovely with a jacking style beat making it as fine as a wonderful glass of wine. Karmic is delivering strong releases and we are in need of full support with this.

John Silver

KPR 089

John Silver - Nothing Lost

Karmic Power Records signs Eugene Trebisovr a.k.a John Silver from Russia. He has been writing music for the last seven years. His earlier work was mostly only on heavy underground dance music and drum n bass. Here he delivers a bouncy funky house track with a rubbery bass and a vocal hook that touches the soul. This record has that signature house sound for the dance floor and will make your body rock. When you play it say it loud...


KPR 088

Kalix - How We Do This

Meet Kalix the London based Dj & producer, known for his quick drops and on-point mixing, he always delivers a vivacious & energetic set. "How We Do This" is a perfect deep stormer for those packed sweaty dance floors. The bass line is tough and the vocal is in your face. It is a dirty deep track that needs special attention.. It is already a favorite with many dj’s and this release will deliver the goods to your dance floor.

Carmelo Carone

KPR 087

Carmelo Carone - Brooklin Roots

Brooklyn Roots is a choice underground deep house track. Produced by Carmelo Carone from Milano Italy. His career started in the early 1990’s and has played some of the best clubs in Italy and Europe. Here he shares his twenty plus years of talent as a dj and produces a hot release for the upcoming summer of 2015. The vocal is infectious and very catchy which has that old throwback to a different time when New York ruled the world with underground house music. Enjoy…. and when you play it say it loud.

Karmic Power - Best Remixes Vol. 2

KPR 086

Various Artists - Karmic Power - Best Remixes Vol. 2

Here is the second installment of Karmic Power’s Best Remixes. On this package you have Lorenzo Perrotta with his track Burning that head honcho Lenny Fontana Remixed, along with Rhythm Staircase that Another Excuse retouched and remixed. The production of Lenny Fontana “Everybody Put Your Hands Up” was remixed by Italy’s own Loris Conte and Greece producers Holy Deep here get a stellar remix by Vinny Gruvhunter with there track Holy Deep. This is a solid package and not to be missed.

Lorenzo Tracks

KPR 085

Lorenzo Tracks - Anytime You Wanna

“Anytime You Wanna!" is the brand new sexy club workout from  DJ and producer - Lorenzo Tracks. He is famous in his native France as a producer DJ. Dancefloor's across the world will soon be rocking this hot tune! We ask for full support on this gem and please remember to play it loud and Say it Loud Karmic Power Records.


KPR 084

Maffa - Follow The Bass

Karmic Power Records have signed up Maffa to bring you a future summer sizzler ‘Follow The Bass'.  Taking influences from the UK garage scene and bassline house, this piano, vocal and bass heavy track is bringing good vibes back to the dance floor. a. Keep your eyes peeled for a lot more to come from Maffa in 2015.


KPR 083

Stefek - Move Your Body

Karmic Power Records release the new single “Move Your Body" by Stefek. The track combines deep house with a classic house twist. Stefek did a wonderful job with cutting up the vocals and throwing in some of the 1990’s stabs that seems to be the in thing with all the house dj’s and producers worldwide. If you can support this release we would be very grateful and when you play it say it loud.

Carl Tregger

KPR 082

Carl Tregger - Sister House

Carl Tregger is back again with his fourth big release on Karmic. Sister House is a smooth production with bouncy driving piano and dreamy percussion and strings. Carl is becoming one of those sort after hot producer-Dj's. Keep you ears locked to Carl he has a lot more coming.

Reza Golroo

KPR 081

Reza Golroo - All Night Long

House Music is the cool sound nowadays. This record fits that good feeling of a classy production which can be worked in on a big dance floor or intimate setting. The vocals have that infectious sound where you will be singing along. Classy Production which is becoming the signature of Karmic.

David Gottschalk

KPR 080

David Gottschalk - Sweet 95

David Gottschalk a young producer from Leipzig Germany has just signed his first deal with Karmic Power Records. This track has all the hot elements to contend as a big club record. The vocal cut ups and arrangement are done with class. This would work in your Ibiza style beach clubs and big dance floors. Don't sleep on this release. David is showing promise and believe you will be hearing more from him.

Jerk In The Box

KPR 079

Jerk In The Box - House Music

Every so often you come across a track that makes you have that feeling, as to why we are all so passionate about house music. This tracks answers that burning request. House Music is not only a term it is a movement and we believe at Karmic Power that with your support we can make this record fit everyones sets. So please your support is huge on this.. When you play it say it loud and proud.

Luke Anderz

KPR 078

Luke Anderz - So Crazy

So Crazy... A deep underground song with a hypnotic vocal that will bring you to ecstasy. A throwback to that 1990's deeper sound that was made famous on Chicago and New York City dance floors. Now you can have a piece of this from the world famous label Karmic Power Records.

Carmelo Carone

KPR 077

Carmelo Carone - Le Monde

Tight production and special shimmering effects, a great combination. Beautiful piano breakdowns and a repetitive vocal that is very catchy with driving pulsating drums. Enjoy the ride.


KPR 076

Fontasia - Blood Vibe

Fontasia "A 1990's Shelter Timmy Regisford Classic That Rock The Dancefloor"

D' Luxe

KPR 075

D' Luxe - Yeah & Yeah

This is a record for the London House Scene. It has that Old Speed Garage style bass, sounding of a throwback of the 90’s with the fresh beats of today. A must have.

Carl Tregger

KPR 074

Carl Tregger - Charlie

Here is another offering from Karmic Power's new artist Carl Tregger, his new track is called Charlie. Here he fuses that dirty Berlin Underground sound with hard beats and trickery to keep you locked. Watch out for this DJ producer he is on fire.

B.Vivant & Soheil

KPR 073

B.Vivant & Soheil - In The Morning

Everyone is after that Classic New York Deep Sound.. this captures that with the hard clap and the pseudo vocals which keep you locked and tantalized into groove. It a must for that sexy beach bar or big sweaty dance floor. Karmic keeps delivering and this is no joke.. pay close to attention this one.

Daniele Sexxx feat. DJ Luca Vanelli

KPR 072

Daniele Sexxx feat. DJ Luca Vanelli - pAH

Disco meets the 1990's with a throwback to now...and totally twisted.. Daniele Sexx is super hot and sexy with this... Don't Sleep on this.. full support needed on this.

Lyam Mathew & Reza Golroo

KPR 071

Lyam Mathew & Reza Golroo - Deeper

Karmic Power Records have signed the productions team second release which is a deep sizzler called ‘Deeper'.  Taking influences from the UK garage and deep house scene; this track has that heavy bass bringing good vibes to any dance floor. Keep your eyes peeled for a lot more to come from Lyam Mathew and Reza Golroo in 2015. Please to remember to play this loud and proud at your next event.

Josh Love

KPR 070

Josh Love - Save Me

Josh Love through his new production Save Me sings us “You Better “Save Me” with a whole lot of conviction. The whole record from start to finish is a torch anthem. He uses new school sounds in house with an old style vocal throwback. The track is super catchy and will keep the rhythm of the dance floor moving. Josh Love is a well accomplished producer with the skills to show it. He is a DJ for more than 15 years and producer since 2005, Josh has made first mark in the Techno / Funky Techno sound with more than hundred productions played and supported by Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyk, Ken Ishii, Dj Preach, A.Paul, Spiros Kaloumenos, Axel Karakasis, Pedro Delgardo, Boriqua Tribez, Umek, Trevor Rockliffe, Dj Misjah. Since 2012, Josh has decided to take a new musical direction with Techouse production sound.  This sound for him characterizes a more posed mindset.  So support is essential for us on this. When you play it say it loud Karmic Power Records NYC. 

Karmic Power - Best Remixes Vol. 1

KPR 069

Various Artists - Karmic Power - Best Remixes Vol. 1

The young label Karmic Power Records since its inception has made its best efforts to collaborate with Top producers and World Class Remixers. Here at the Karmic Lab we felt at this time to compile a mini release with some of its best remixes to date.

DJ Dextro & Mj White...

KPR 068

DJ Dextro & Mj White feat. Bruno Soares - Keep on Pushing

Hot for 2015 is the new Deep Vocal House infectious groover “Keep On Pushing” coming from Portugal by DJ, Producer Dextro and singer MJ White from New York and Sax by Bruno Soares. This driving dance floor track comes with two hot mixes - It includes great chords, top percussion, and deep soothing vocals. It has plenty to give for that full-on Saturday night party feel with his great use of the harmonious vocals from MJ. This is guaranteed to keep pushing across dance floors all over the world. It is quality house music.

Murdock (CR2 Records)

KPR 067

Murdock - Say You Want Me

Licensed to CR2 Records (UK)

Murdock presents his Cr2 debut with 'Say You Want Me' a house track in the classic sense, this one takes us back to the golden era of vocal house records.

Lenny Fontana & D-Train

KPR 066R1

Lenny Fontana & D-Train - Raise Your Hands

The Raise Your Hands Remix package is a true testament in sound. This release is coming off the huge buzz and heavy rotation play received from the original Lenny Fontana Mix package. The hype started in Miami at the Legendary Winter Music Conference 2015 at the Three Kings Party and it didn’t stop there.

Raise Your Hands conquered the Music Week Chart over the past summer with 9 solid weeks in the UK Club chart hitting a position of #13 in the Top 20.

Karmic Power has received some of the best remixes in house music from the legendary DJ David Morales (USA), Ridney (UK), PachangaStorm & Oliver Deuerling (Germany) and Another Excuse (USA).

We hope we can count on your huge support on this and help push it to the top.

Lenny Fontana & D-Train

KPR 066

Lenny Fontana & D-Train - Raise You Hands (Karmic Power Records / coop RFC/Fresh Records only USA)

Lenny Fontana, a DJ-Producer and one of the truest legends of House music through from the 90’s to today, who as a young dance music fan danced on many of the legendary New York dancefloors then never letting go of his passion for Disco, Garage into House music, became, as many before him, blessed with the ability to produce the music he loved and have it played by the best DJ’s around the world. His journey has been remarkable and true to his heart in the same manner that his inspiration, the Godfather of House, Frankie Knuckles lived - music first.

The very latest wizardry from Lenny sees him join forces with another globally famous dance music name, one James ‘D-Train’ Williams. Together they have created a brand new song called “Raise Your Hands” for the dance floors and dance music radio shows to present to their audiences around the world in the knowledge that the spirit of true disco, garage and house music lives on from 1975 into 2015 delivered by the hands and voices of those that have given their souls to a journey that inspires millions of music fans to lift their spirits. “Raise Your Hands” for two masters of their craft.

K & K

KPR 065

K & K - Amazed

K & K are the musical duo from London UK consisting of house DJs Robin K and Danny K. These guys are no strangers to the scene.  K & K are the resident DJs for the London super brand Electronic Sessions. They are regularly playing on the infamous London boat parties and at their nights hosted at London’s top nightspots, Ministry of Sound and the old Pacha. Here Karmic Power signs this productions team song that sounds like it came out of 1989…Its got that Funky Worm feel to it.  That retro sound is making a huge comeback in the UK and we hope that you can rock this joint super loud at all your house events. We are on a mission to educate the young clubber’s to this funky house sound. So when you play it loud say it loud.. Karmic Power Records NYC...

Reza Golroo feat. Lyam Mathew

KPR 064

Reza Golroo feat. Lyam Mathew - Searching

Deep House hits Karmic Power with this gem from Reza Golroo featuring Lyam Mathew. These guys hail from London and they are churning out some hot stuff at the moment. We are Karmic feel lucky to have found such a well produced record and we hope you like what you are hearing as well.  Lyam Mathew is a house producer.  His influences are, swing, rnb, uk garage and 90’s house music.  Liam is grabbing a firm foothold in the Deep House scene with his hard beats and wall shaking sub basslines. When you play this release say it loud and play it loud.

Carl Tregger

KPR 063

Carl Tregger - Love In Space

Carl Tregger comes with his second release for Karmic Power with a Deep Space Dub Style track to set you on a galactic ride. The term nice and slow is the way this is meant to make you feel so good when played. We believe that you will understand what he was trying to give you from his “Reason” When you rock his record play it with love and loud. We thank you for your continued support… The Karmic Power Team…

Andrew Greatorex

KPR 062

Andrew Greatorex - Gotta Let It Go

Karmic Power is proud to present to the world Andrew Greatorex. Andrew has been producing house music for around a year and a half and even though he is new to the game, here he shows with this record that he can stake his own claim in house music. Here he offers you a sultry vocal that chugs along with a driving track and with a new twist on house. This guy is to be watched in 2015 and if you can please support this release and play it loud.


KPR 061

YKON - Get Some

YKON a.k.a. Yannis Konstantinidis who is from Greece is a Professional Dj, Radio and Music producer. He started Djing back in 1995 and have performed at some of the biggest and hottest clubs and Venues in western Greece. He has also hosted his own radio show at Kiss FM and later at Best Radio 103.3 for the last six years, playing his sets, live on the air. He plays mainly house, deep house and Nu-Disco.  He turned to music production in 2013 and lately he has started working as a mix engineer for projects done by other musicians. The production “Get Some” is a deep jack sound that works very well in Europe. We are proud to introduce YKON and hope you can support and play the record to death.

Max Komodo

KPR 060

Max Komodo - Crash

Max Komodo comes back with his second release with a stomping track and a horn riff that will keep you locked in his zone. Max is quickly becoming a household name with the house community and now he has shown that he can produce another deep house track for Karmic Power. Here is a little back ground on Max Komodo. He is an Italian Dj Producer from Napoli. His career as a producer started two years ago and his styles range from progressive, electro, house and deep house. So if you can support Max’s single with us we would greatly appreciate it.


KPR 059

Lexvaz - Pawn

Karmic Power Records would like to present Lexvaz, who is a well accomplished producer and dj in Tech House. He has just recently signed his new record to us called “Pawn” and here at the Karmic Power Office we are very excited about it. This power deep techy track will shake dance floors and will be a favorite with all the Beatport dj’s worldwide. “Pawn" is a culmination of tight beats and crafty sounds that will have your crowd screaming and dancing all night long.  So please support and keep all house music alive. 

Marc Tasio

KPR 058

Marc Tasio - I Don't Know What Is It

Marc Tasio the producer/dj who comes from France has delivered his second release for Karmic Power after coming off the success of "Come On” which was supported in a huge way by many dj’s worldwide both club and radio.  "I Don't Know What Is It” is his new production and already it is gaining play from everyone who has now become a fan of Marc’s sound. So if you can support this and push it hard we can keep releasing high quality productions. When you play is Say It… Karmic Power Records…

Josh Love

KPR 057

Josh Love - Theory

Karmic Power Records would like to introduce Josh Love who produced a killer track named Theory.  This Big Room style track will knock the people into a frenzy with the heavy filter and big breakdowns. Its a properly produced house track that we are Karmic Power believe you will enjoy. So please your support is critical and lets keep house music alive and strong.


KPR 056

FGTN Toys - Runaway

Newly signed production team Forgotten Toys, a London based production & DJ Duo, working together for around 5 years but having known each other a lot longer. This vocal deep house track has an infectious vocal to a throw back of the original vocal house productions of the late 80’s and 90’s. They have a diverse taste and it is never more present than in there DJ sets, eclectic at times, and representing those that have forged the way in the industry as well as those that are currently grabbing our attention, in there ‘Hot In The City’ mix series. So your support is very important to us. When you Play It And Say It.


KPR 055

IdjIgor - Rock & Roll Music

Karmic Power Records is proud to present this new single produced by Igor Prasniak.. Rock & Roll Music has already been leaked out to key tastemaker djs and the feedback has been amazing. This track has heat and will damage dance floors from sea to shining sea. We hope you can support it and keep pushing Karmic Power Records and its artists… When you play say it…proud and loud.

Another Excuse

KPR 054

Another Excuse - Only You

Another Excuse comes with the disco infused banger for his follow up second release on Karmic Power Records. He is no stranger to filter disco house. This French style house track will crush dance floors all over the world with the big filter sound and banging hard beats. He is becoming a dj’s star because his tracks are a sure shot dance floor filler. Please Support with playing super loud and super proud.

K & K

KPR 053

K & K - Spiro

K & K are the musical duo from London UK consisting of house DJs Robin K and Danny K. There offering on this productions showcases that Jacking house Swing of the mid 90's house that made it famous during that period. It has that filtered sound which will make the top end sizzle and the snare rolls that will make people lose it on the dancefloor. Total stomper for your dj set. Enjoy this one because we believe it is a winner for sure.

Tony Kosa

KPR 052

Tony Kosa -Fader

Tony Kosa the producer Dj who is known for creating Exogroove, has played in every major nightclub in Italy and has now graced his talent in producing a mad crazy tribal influenced track for Karmic Power. This gem has that throwback feeling to when a time when it was carefree and happy. This track is a stormer don’t sleep on this. When you play it say it loud and proud.


KPR 051

LcDoro&DaddyFelix - No Juzgues Mal

Lc Doro&Daddy Felix deliver an afro centric house masterpiece E.P. These tracks are full with pulsating conga rhythms and driving underground beats, that will hypnotize your listeners. The vocals are spiritual and will sweep you to that warm place where house music and sun work so well together. So your support is very important to us on these tracks and please remember when you play it, say it.

Lorenzo Perrotta

KPR 050

Lorenzo Perrotta - Mirror On The Wall

Lorenzo Perotta who is now a household name has produced a sure shot diamond for Karmic Power. The vocalist is timeless sounding, the words are memorable and the piano is anthemic. Strong beats for that huge dancefloor. Big Support needed on this. When you play it Say It.


KPR 049


French Dj Stefek has taken a time machine back to 1970's and found disco and brought to us today through this fine production he has signed to Karmic Power Records. It is uplifting, fresh and made for today with all the trimmings. The strings are intoxicating and the groove is in the pocket. So full support on this please and remember play it loud and say it.

Yagiz Bayrak

KPR 048

Yagiz Bayrak - Tomato Juice On A Plane

This is a slowed down and turned up, with a whole lot of funkiness. Turkish Producer Yagiz Bayrak has found deep and made it cool with this track. He is a well respected DJ in his homeland and now has made it his personal mission to share his vision globally through his productions. Karmic Power is very happy to release this gem from Yagiz. Remember Play it Loud and Say it.

Lenny Fontana

CR2 Records / KarmicPower Records

Lenny Fontana - Chocolate Sensation

Cr2 proudly present this classic tune freshly redone for 2015. Including a hard-edged rave remix from veteran dancefloor don Special Request. Essential!

Lenny Fontana

CR2 Records / KarmicPower Records

Lenny Fontana - Chocolate Sensation

This is the one you've all been waiting for! Lenny Fontana finally drops his 2015 mix of the classic 'Chocolate Sensation'. House heads everywhere have been crying out for this mix so here it is, backed by three other big remixes from Aussie hotshot Silversix, House of Virus and Archie B

Lenny Fontana

CR2 Records / KarmicPower Records

Lenny Fontana - Chocolate Sensation

Bimbo Jones have taken Lenny Fontana's classic tune and turned it into the Good Times hit of the summer! Get ready to dance like you've never danced before as this infections record takes a hold of your feet.



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