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Stolen Soul & John Steel....

KPR 198

Stolen Soul & John Steel & Ian Campbell Feat. Talia Shewchuk - Mean To Me

"UK producers Stolen Soul and John Steel combine again with Canada's Ian Campbell and vocalist Talia Schewchuk on 'Mean To Me'. The groups follow up to their Spring 2016 offering ''Make Me Feel' with Lakester which enjoyed radio support from Benny Benassi and Graeme Park to name but a few"

Saus & Braus

KPR 197

Saus & Braus - House Love

Deep keys meets Happy House right here in this track. With loads of fills and breaks to keep your dancers in heaven. A must have for any set. 

The Soul Architect

KPR 196

The Soul Architect - Praising

This track has a beautiful spiritual vibe with its soaring strings and sweet vocals. True deepness at its finest here. This will become a future classic soon. 

Sexy House Vol.4

KPR 195

Various Artists - Sexy House Vol.3

Karmic Power Records returns once again after huge success with another installment of Sexy House Volume 3. This volume has strong remixes from Dj Spen and David Morales.

Toni The Mmg

KPR 194

Toni The MmG - House Groove

Toni the MmG House Groove.. Old School meets new school with a driving house piano anthem.

A must have for the house music enthusiast. Your crowd will love you for this.

Livio Mode Feat. Soul Sarah

KPR 193

Livio Mode Feat. Soul Sarah - Feel The Beat

Livio delivers a total class production sound for Karmic Power. Soul Sarah sings in the refrain the words "Dreams Come True" and they will all believe, when you have the chance to play this for your dancers. It brings you back to that Discoesque House sound that is so needed today on the dance floor. 


KPR 192

LuDo - Forgiveness

A deep eclectic house track that takes you on a deep journey into sound. Ludo a top producer DJ from Belgium makes his debut here on Karmic Power Records. 

Lenny Fontana Pres. The Starletts

KPR 191

Lenny Fontana Pres. The Starletts

NYC Dj Producer Lenny Fontana Presents The Starletts “On His Mind”
Longtime Best Friends drag artist Miss Diamond and Wiveca finally decided to join forces and give the nightlife something it´s been missing, a hot female vocal duo that can truly turn it out. They love to sing that old school house sound and here it shows with a stellar production and great song. This record will not disappoint so get on it and work it and help make it the anthem it truly deserves to be.

Carmelo Carone

KPR 164R1

Carmelo Carone - Disco Zen

New hot remix package for Italian producer DJ Carmelo Carone provided by Corvino, Pour Le Plaisir and Nekko From Brazil. Don’t sleep on this…. already getting supported by some of the best dj’s in the world.

Tigers Project

KPR 190

Tigers Project - Tomorrow

This is a Massive Tune for your main sets. Tigers Project is an amazing production team and we are proud to showcase this new release. 

Jason B

KPR 189

Jason B - You´ll B The One

Jason B a top producer for Karmic Power has released a track when raving was super cool and people’s hands where in the air yelling the words “TUNE". You will find that the dancers will be on cloud 9 with that pulsating piano driven chords. 

Armand Tillett

KPR 188

Armand Tillett - Sav

Banging house track with swinging drums. Armand Tillett tells you all about House Music through the class production. It will serve your dance floor well.

Sexy House Vol.2

KPR 187

Various Artists - Sexy House Vol.2 - ADE House Sampler 2016 (Amsterdam Dance Event)

Karmic Power does not stop releasing the pressure and right here proves it. After great success with Volume 1, Sexy House Volume 2 ADE is action packed with five top house tracks by some of today’s best producers, Jon Hatter, FGTN Toys, Jerk In The Box, Daniel Sexxx, and Andrew Greatorex. 

Tracklist: click here


KPR 186

FunkyOne - Feel The Summer

The driving force on this hot track is the big piano. It will rock your beach clubs and festivals.. all hands up and feet will keep on dancing to this feel good hot track.

Saus & Braus

KPR 185

Saus & Braus - Up Again

Germany’s top production project Saus & Braus deliver a hot track with “Up Again” A big piano and FM Style Bass sounding keys that will

pulsate through a sound system to everyone’s delight. This is the team to be on the lookout for


KPR 184

Saltair - In Deep

As strong as the pulse that runs through your body "In Deep" is a dance floor work out with its deep B3 Organ Bassline and dub style parts.  A sure shot winner for any set

Jason B

KPR 183

Jason B- Why Don´t You Love Me

Intoxicating vocals meets a clean production. Choice sweet sounds and funky drums give this track its right to move a dance floor. Jason B strikes it hot with this release.


KPR 182

Bruchi - Bingo House

A tough dance floor workout track set for peak night play. Deep Bass and swinging drums lead the way on this one.

The Soulbrozerz Feat. Mel'Hisse

KPR 181

The Soulbrozerz Feat. Mel'Hisse - Oh Boy

This release will soon become a futuristic classic with its arpeggiating bassline. Edgy vocals and deep pads make this a strong track to pull out as one of your secret weapons.

Paco Moreni

KPR 180

Paco Moreni - My Angel

Italo House strikes again on this one. A real smooth production borrowing from some of the great New York house records of the 1990’s. This one will stick around for a long time to come.


KPR 179

FunkyOne - Behind The Love

An underground vocal track with full deepness written all over it. Funky One is a hot producer and has found the right combination here with the right vocal and strong swinging drums.

Alex Aleman

KPR 178

Alex Aleman - Filter

Alex Aleman a House Producer Dj introduces one of his new tracks called Filter to the Karmic Power family. Its Italian style production with all the ingredients to work in your dj set.

Nunzio Roma

KPR 155R1

Nuzio Roma - First Time I Fell In Love With House

Karmic Power delivers a complete remix package of mixes for all house genre’s from Ken Figueroa, Hilel & Yander, Doctor Boom and Angel Negron. Huge support gained already on the original mix.

Sexy House Vol.1

KPR 177

Sexy House Vol.1

This is a super hot delightful sampler pack with four of some of the strongest vocal tracks in house music. French Producer DJ Marc Tasio produced a hot piano driven stomper with a beautiful female vocalist. Oliver Gunning champions a very serious house track with a well known vocalist named Dharshana and NYC’s DJ Lenny Fontana adds the remix duties to this fine gem. Twism and B3rao and Rick Marshall take a classic from Janet Jackson and give it a whole new appeal, dance floors are eating this up around the world. Paul Hutchinson and Fil Straughan from the UK bat out one strong power vocal track that is becoming a huge dance classic.   

Lenny Fontana

KPR 036R1

Lenny Fontana - Feel It

Lenny Fontana is back. With a hot Summer track for the Beach Clubs and Night Clubs all over the wolrd. The Remix from PZENT is the bomb. Listen and play it!

Lenny Fontana & D-Train

KPR 162R1

Lenny Fontana & D-Train - When You Feel What Love Has

Billboards top remix team Klubjumpers stop at nothing to pull together the most perfect remix for summer with those beach sounds. This is a mix show delite. Dj Francois from the UK takes it to a nocturnal feel and uses that trusty Robin S Style organ on his mix to give it that classic house sound. Dj Twism & B3rao jump back in there time machine and pull out all the stops on their mix brining it right to the 1990’s. Leon Wolf & Niko De Vries remix is full on big room style.

Sam Dewit & Josh Jayden

KPR 176

Sam Dewit & Josh Jayden - Something Something

B3 Organ and a super strong bass with a catchy vocal phrase is the direction here. It’s a super hot combination for your summer sets. Total party jammer.

Blair Fraser

KPR 175

Blair Fraser - Aurora

This is a total gem of underground delight. House fans who were inspired and danced to the sound of the 1990’s will love this deep dark track. Blair Fraser is a talented producer and found that great balance with the right sounds on this one. You must check this one out.

Greg I-V

KPR 174

Greg I-V - Want To Need

Super cool 90’s house track brought to the future. Greg-I-V produces a stomper with a driving piano and rolling bassline. Perfect for your main sets.

Lenny Fontana & D-Train

KPR 162Radio

Lenny Fontana & D-Train - When You Feel What Love Has

Here is the first installment package of super hot radio mixes for the summer. Top USA Remix team Klubjumpers push out a huge remix that is Top 40 Dance and ready for summer. Dj Francois from the UK who is been having huge success on BBC Radio with his remixes pushes out a strong club mix. Leon Wolf & Niko de Vries handle the Big Room style mixes. Twism and B3rao radio edit take you back to the 90’s house sound - the sophisticated listener.

Marc Tasio

KPR 173

Marc Tasio - Don´t Make Me Wait

Dj Producer Marc Tasio comes strong and proud with this hot new release called “Don’t Make Me Wait for Karmic Power. Sweet and sensual vocals with a catchy melody are all over this track. This 1990’s influenced track will deliver the goods. We believe in it and hope you will as well. 

DJ Alexia

KPR 172

DJ Alexia - Dancin' Groovin

Dj Alexia. The Roman Queen who rocked Los Angeles in the 1990’s in all the discoteque’s is once again proving that she has not lost the beat. Here she produces a full on party stomper for London New York, Ibiza and the world. This is a must have for your sets.

TWISM & B3RAO & Rick Marshall

KPR 171

TWISM & B3RAO & Rick Marshall - When I Think Of You

Karmic Power Records is absolutely delighted to bring you this stunning package from TWISM & B3RAO and Rick Marshall. Featuring an original and a brilliant remix from the TWISM & B3RAO boys, it is surely a release that cannot be missed. The original track is an absolute grooving belter with beautiful 80s vibes and a vocal all will recognize.  It sets the vibe right for any occasion and is a must have for your crates.  Leading us into the TWISM & B3RAO's "LND Calling Remix". This peak hour garage destroyer really signifies their vast range and abilities.  Featuring FAT Basslines and an incredible arrangement of chords and rhythms, there is no question that this will be one of the hottest packages of the upcoming summer.  So be ahead of the curve and secure your copies before all your friends do.


KPR 170

Medchenko - I Want Be Alone

This is a true underground delite. The vocal hook is powerful, the bassline and keys are moody for those dark and sweaty intimate dance floors. Alexander Medchenko is a producer thats need to be watched and we believe there will be a lot more to come from Medchenko.

Andrea Roberto

KPR 169

Andrea Roberto - Follow My Cat

A true deep house track at its finest here. Andrea Roberto produces a gem with classy sounds and deep slow down tech beats. It has a strong lead sound which locks you into the feeling of warm vibes. A full on summer record to be enjoyed for years to come.

Oliver Gunning Feat. Dharshana

KPR 168

Oliver Gunning Feat. Dharshana - Outlines

Oliver Gunning is a highly talented young DJ/Producer from Cornwall, UK.  It is hard to believe such inspiring melodies come from a 21 year old. He has collaborated with Spencerdare (aka Mimo) to create the track 'Outlines' that is a genuine work of art. With a lush silkiness,  the vocal talent of the Classical Indian trained Dharshana creates a truly unique sound. 

This wonderful combination of song and music is pure velvet magic. Up on the remix duties, Oliver requested that Legendary NYC DJ Producer Lenny Fontana would handle the task or remixing this great song and help bring that US House sound to the record. The combination of US and UK works like a charm. Its a powerful tune that demands your attention.

Morgan Dhyle

KPR 167

Morgan Dhyle - Angular

This track has fire written all over it. With that Percussion Organ Bassline driving the way you are sure to rock any club to the rafters. This is a must have. Morgan is your man to watch in the future.

Jason B

KPR 166

Jason B - So So True

Another stormer comes in from producer Dj Jason B from London England. This has a feeling to a throwback classic Inner City track with its keyboard sounds and pulsating bass. This is soon to be a true dance floor stomper. 


KPR 165

FunkyOne - Memories

A dreamy piano track with a soothing bird like vocal, perfect for your beach house set. It will make huge memories for clubbers when they hear this in there summer sets all over the world.

Carmelo Carone

KPR 164

Carmelo Carone - Disco Zen

Carmelo Carone from Milan Italy comes with a house vocal that is intoxicating. This is now his third release with Karmic and there is no stopping this Italian producer from delivering the goods necessary for all the dance floors across the world. Big ups to Carmelo and your support is huge on this. 

DJ Phew

KPR 163

DJ Phew - The Suite

This is a hybrid house track which combines a few styles and it is done very well. It has a bit of tribal percussion with some acid house sounds to percolate the dance floor. Dj Phew is the artist that you will be hearing a lot from.

Lenny Fontana & D-Train

KPR 162

Lenny Fontana & D-Train - When You Feel What Love Has

“When You Feel What Love Has” is the brand new 2016 song and dance production from D-Train and House music legend DJ Lenny Fontana. Lenny at the helm in the studio alongside James ‘D-Train’ Williams, together they have created another classic New York dance-floor hit with crisp beats and infectious melodies wrapped around a vocal that could only ever be recognised as the power-tones of James himself. The refrain “open my arms, I can’t believe, open my arms I can’t receive it” is a deep-rooted D-Train hook, perfectly executed as if it was straight off one of the act’s Prelude 12” smashes from the mid-80’s, the way that those songs always had a secondary vocal hook cleverly layered into the journey of the song like “with the love I have inside of me we can turn this world around”  from “You’re The One” was a secondary, yet strong hook line that resonated on the dance floor. “When You Feel What Love Has” has that magic too as the rhythm reverberates around the room enrapturing your senses into one. 

With five mixes, all high in production from the Original, the NYC Deeper Dubb plus NYC Deep Dubb Instrumental along with the Radio and instrumental from the Original mix. A perfect set..

Out on the world's leading House music label of the last two years - Karmic Power Records... 

Andrew Greatorex

KPR 161

Andrew Greatorex - Jack House

Jack House is Andrew’s third release and its super strong. He does it again with that Acid House throwback to the late 80’s. This track has the makings to be a party favorite. Your support is needed.

Tigers Project

KPR 160

Tigers Project - Hands Up

Tigers Project comes back with a bang with a this huge follow up. A heavy piano influenced energy track. Total house stomper with big claps and pushing drums. “Hands Up” is that most have for any dance floor worldwide. One Love One House One Music - Karmic Power Records.


KPR 159

S.Q. - Giving

Nu School House Producer S.Q produces a banger called “Giving” Piotr who runs in the house circles as S.Q started his adventure with music when he was around 10. He mixed music as a DJ, first at home. When he was 12 he played his first live DJ-set in the club. He felt that just playing music is not enough for him and decided he wanted to be a producer. S.Q has been producing music for 5 years now. Around 2 years ago he found his own production sound where It incorporates deep house melodies. We hope that you enjoy his first release on Karmic Power Records.

Diamond Skin Snakes feat. Zebra/Man

KPR 158

Diamond Skin Snakes feat. Zebra/Man - Sir.Queen

Following up their last single, "The Crime of It is..", artists Diamond Skin Snakes and Zebra/Man have released their latest work entitled "Sir.Queen".

The track features a powerful baseline, driven by a heavy foot on the kick-drum. In stark contrast to the production, the soft vocals perfectly punctuate the intent of the lyrics. 

This being the duo's second release with Karmic Power Records, the bar has already been set high, and they have definitely delivered. Keep your eyes and ears on these two, there's absolutely more to come!

Lenny Fontana

KPR 100R

Lenny Fontana - I Get A Good Feeling

The Remix Package is finally here of the token 100th Release on Karmic Power Records.

Stunning powerful remixes provided by happyharry, Zonum, and Chris Count. We hope you enjoy this remix package and rock the shit out of it. If you missed the original mixes here is a little story about it and we hope you can support it in the best possible way.

With Independence Day in the USA just passed its very significant to bring to your attention that the superb Karmic Power Records are just about to unleash their 100th release. A century of the best House music productions to come from one label with their feet firmly on the best dancefloors and their music all over world radio as they set the pace with an independent force for others to follow.

The 100th release is "Lenny Fontana "I Get A Good Feeling" - which in itself is exactly how we feel every time a new Karmic Power tune is on its way. The key to a great label is trusting their music blindly, like in the record store day's buying 12's from certain labels without even hearing them because you knew they were going to be perfect. That's where Karmic Power Records are with Lenny and Manuel relentless in their pursuit of excellence.

Four mixes of KPR 100 from Lenny coming live and direct to Ibiza plus every dance floor where the young House music lovers are enjoying their summer with three months ahead of us of major parties - can't help it "I Get A Good Feeling" for the next 100 releases from this prolific label.


KPR 157

Doler - In My Dream

A deep house track with a breathy vocal top line. It will fit well in those deeper house sets. Doler is one to look out for and In My Dreams, is that style of production that is in style today. 

Lenny Fontana feat. Karla Brown

KPR 156

Lenny Fontana feat. Karla Brown - I´m Gonna Get You

I’m Gonna Get You - Here is a moment in time where something that was a big classic becomes once again iconic. NYC Dj Producer Remixer Lenny Fontana calls on diva vocalist Karla Brown from USA to rock the lead of this once classic track made popular by Jocelyn Brown and Angie Brown totally current. Big piano swoons and screaming leads will keep the church in full working order. On remix Duty is Los Angeles and Boston’s finest production remix team of Twism & B3rao. There mix is action packed and ready with a heavy London bassline and swinging drums. There is something here for true house lovers. Your support is needed at this fine hour. One Love One House One Music Karmic Power Records…

Nunzio Roma

KPR 155

Nunzio Roma - First Time I Fell In Love With House

First time I fell in love with house is about a time in 1985, Vinyl Mania Records, NYC, and Manny Lehman played Music Is the Key by JM Silk and my life was forever changed. Its about a love affair with house music and the times spent dancing and being a dj in the NYC Late 80’s and 90’s club scene and the influence that has made on my life. 6AM 27TH And 10th is when the party started at Sound Factory where Junior held mass until well in to the late morning and sometimes early afternoon. Enjoy and keep dancing!

Tigers Project

KPR 154

Tigers Project - Middel Finger

Tigers Project returns to Karmic Power with a piano driven house stormer. Middle Finger is a party track that will make your set soar back to the days when piano tracks ruled the roost. It´s a hottie. full support needed.

Reza Golroo

KPR 081R1

Reza Golroo - All Night Long

Karmic Power’s artist Reza Golroo - All Night Long is remixed by some of today’s hottest remixers with different dance styles. First up is Italy’s Carmelo Carone, who gives us an underground style mix that should keep your dance floors pulsating with his remix. Second Up is Remixer Javith, who comes with a throwback sound to the Balearic sounds of the late 80’s and early 90’s with his remix. The third remix is provided by Maffa vs. Mood Crew which is perfect for Europe’s contemporary electronic house sound of today with strong bass and pushing drums.

Livio Mode & Bart Gori Feat. Soul Sarah

KPR 153

Livio Mode & Bart Gori Feat. Soul Sarah - Love Is Real

Livio Mode is a Deep and Soulful House music producer. His DJ career began in the early 90's in Turin. Bart Gori a producer & Dj began his working career in the early 80s in various local clubs and was heavily influenced from Dj’s Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles. The two producers together make a winning combination with there production Love Is Real… a deep house workout made for the dance floor. If you are not on this you need too be. One Love One House One Music. 

Funk 78 & Deebiza

KPR 152

Funk 78 & Deebiza - Gotta Move

The rising german deep house acts Funk 78 and Deebiza, well known from their latest tracks and remixes on Strictly Rhythm, Motor Music, Ambassade and miniMarket, teaming up again for this Vocal House banger. Old school flavoured sounds combined with new powerful beats showing their skills in producing fresh new House Music.

Parma Tunes

KPR 151

Parma Tunes - Rock It

Parma Tunes Here is a funky slow house groove. With its log bass sound and cut up vocals it will rock your dance floor. The track has strong builds and breakdowns to keep everyone locked into the song.



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